Snowco Trike


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Picked up the Snowco trike I bought a few weeks ago. I had hopes of getting it running for Windber (and I still might), but I will be taking it to the swap meet in Ann Arbor this weekend. I put and 8hp Tecumseh and a comet torque converter on it. I haven't gotten the engine hooked yet and probably won't before the swap meet.

I just like how these things look. I wish I had property to ride these kinds of bikes on.

If you'd have had that when I was there your shoulders would still hurt from lifting onto the roof of my car. No place to keep it but I've got the room to ride it! Of course I had the "Head of the War Dept." with me to keep me from making just such a mistake. I'm still trying to explain why that "round heavy thingy (clutch) that WE gave you so much money for" was so important that we couldn't live without it. Oh well, we'll be 12 year olds in the unknowing minds of others forever. Nice one Steve! I don't think the lack of the scrap yard will hold you back... :biggrin::thumbsup: