Terra two piece

I bought this top piece for a Terra two piece frame last year because it was only $25 plus shipping. I have been wondering what to do with it all winter.
We came up with a plan, and we ordered a second one to cut up and, well, you'll catch on if you're patient. Pictures are terrible and the barn is always a mess, but we did get started on it today. IMG_20240419_113554.jpg IMG_20240419_114400.jpg IMG_20240419_115242.jpg IMG_20240419_115400.jpg IMG_20240419_120435.jpg IMG_20240419_123848.jpg
That engine looks small in there, but we wanted the option to put a Briggs flat head in there. There is just enough height for the Briggs to slide in there with the spark plug removed.
We searched for wheels and tires all winter.
Go Power Sports had these CT100U parts really cheap, so we ordered them. They are pretty wide. I had to cut the Gemini swing arm to fit, which caused more headaches. I might end up using a CT100 fork, too.
The way those two frames got cut, I extended the top one by almost 5 inches.
I had planned to put the swing arm inside the frame, but with the wide wheels, that is not possible. I might shorten the swing arm or just move the shock mounting point forward. It just depends on how long the wheelbase is after we get a fork on it.

Yes, a cement block is about one inch taller than a 5 horse Briggs.
I had to weld some pieces together so they would stop moving around and falling while I am taking measurements and figuring out how to proceed. I might end up making a fork after all. Even with 6 inches of ground clearance, the front tire is pretty close to the frame.


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Hey Dave, that is looking great !

Make yourself a set of Earles leading link forks, with the wheel toward the front, if you know what I mean.

It'll utilize the same rake, but will move your wheel forward, away from the frame.
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When we first started this project, I was thinking about some old school 6 inch stud tread, narrow tires. The general idea was to use a clutch and a band brake on a jackshaft in front of the Gemini swing arm. However, my son, Will, loves his CT100U and his lock-em-up disc brake.
We got the front tire and wheel, rear tire, wheel, rotor, sprocket, axle, bolts and spacers for about $60. As I mentioned earlier, they are really a lot wider than the swing arm. I cut that and made it fit. Now, I line up the swing arm so the pivot point is (roughly) centered in the chain (If no jackshaft) on a Briggs 5 horse. IMG_20240426_091240.jpg IMG_20240426_091240.jpg
Now, the sprocket is on the other side, so let's go see what we have gotten ourselves into... IMG_20240426_091540.jpg
It looks like the chain needs to go pretty close to the middle of that frame tube. We decided to keep the frame the way it is, and "just notch the frame, Dad!".
I need a pivot to bolt the swing arm to. I also need to mount a jackshaft between the frame and the engine plate., so I need a "simple" solution here. Did I mention it also needs to be really cheap? Keep reminding yourself, "this is a hobby. We like projects. They keep the creative juices flowing". I once asked Mario Andretti why he is still driving really fast at Indianapolis testing tires for Firestone. I am sure he was in his late sixties. He said "It keeps the juices flowing".
So My creative juices are in Andretti mode now.

True story.
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The engine is a Jacobsen 2 stroke rated at somewhere between 2.5 and 4 horsepower. I have been buying then as I find them, because they are great engines and parts are hard to find. I have several of them. Parts interchange. I have it mounted on a vintage kart racing mount for a Mcculloch, I think.
The most recent one I received was from a snow blower that @hermans13 was kind enough to find for me. He also built a shipping crate that is a definite keeper, with Jacobsen logo and all! Thank you Sir! IMG_20240426_092501.jpg IMG_20240426_093910.jpg
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Busy morning here.


And that is where I finally ran out of that old roll of nasty flux core wire. Tomorrow I can go get a fresh bottle of gas and put a roll of solid wire in the welder. I know I have some gopher holes to fill in this thin metal once I start grinding these nasty flux welds.