The 2019 Windber minibike raffle build

I think someone said it earlier, but I'm going to say it again...this little bike is going to be better than new when you finish with it Rick.

Keep up the good work.

And thanks for all you do for the mini bike world.
Thanks Randy for posting this for me. Got the little guy up and running tonight. I was little bit questioning the rebuild job on the carb. I will run it a few more times and drain oil and refill and paint it then. Might be silver by nect weekend.
Its been a few weeks but i got the motor painted today and the waterslide decals put on. The color is a tad darked than what the color chip showed. I used a Mercedes Benz color for silver the chip was the lightest and brighter silver out of all them but it is going to have to be good. Minibikepaul has some of the best reproduction decals that are made today. Just like the factory ones. True waterslide decals. Thank you Paul for the great job on decals.

Update on progress. Jim Kise from
Blackwidow motorsports was a great help
Called him up amd told him what i needed for the sprint for finishing parts and we got talking and told him about this build and what it was for and Jim donated all the parts pictured. Super nice guy to talk to.
Anyways. I got the motor bolted down and chain tight and lined up. Got the new kick stand on it too. Finish up hooking throttle cable tomorrow and hook brake cable up and lever tomorrow too. Might even do the chain gaurd