Vintage The "Unicorn"1972 HPE Muskin Cat R4010

The "Unicorn" 1972 HPE Muskin Cat R4010

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I finished today!!!! She runs and looks absolutely stunning. I hope to receive your votes. Took a lot of work and I loved every minute of it....enjoy! I will add vintage metallic Cat stickers later.. I just wanted to get it running for video submission. Thx. I have a video but cannot figure out how to post on here.


Can you help with Video upload. This is the error message I am receiving when trying to upload.

The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension.
I uploaded to the sites Facebook page. I’m tired. This has been a passion project and I find myself opening my garage and flipping on the light just to see it over and over. I have a rupp black widow and each are different but have similarities. This one is the only one that goes into the home for display.