Vintage The "Unicorn"1972 HPE Muskin Cat R4010

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The "Unicorn" 1972 HPE Muskin Cat R4010

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Little red rider returned from powder coat heaven. Handlebars, springs, and rims are off to chrome plating this coming week (virus permitting). Tecumseh engine, NOS muffler, NOS grips and new throttle are in possession. Also, Little Daddy Roth ( Cherry Pie paint and Cherry Pie Kandy arrived as well. image0.jpeg image1 (1).jpeg
Status/progress report! Hunkering down during Covid-19. I think I might be able to get this rig running for show time. A few update images for all you old school mini Heathens. Be safe, be well, stay home and enjoy your families.


Thanks, that’s the plan. Chrome plating getting done now on rims, hubs and handlebars. Last bit of powder coating getting done to upper forks. Once I get em back I’m slapping her together and hopefully she runs, lol
Everything is coming into place. Only thing I’m waiting on is the chrome work on rims, hubs, forks and handlebars. I hope they arrive this week. Stay tuned!