Tristin's Vintage Class Ruttman

Here is Tristin's Ruttman mini for the Vintage Class entry. The engine will either be the Tecumseh in the picture or a Westbend.
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Tristin's Build

Well, we finally got the three layers of paint stripped off the frame and forks. The bottom layer was orange. Ironically that is the color he wants. The fame and forks had some surface rust so it was treated with rust mort. It is very solid. No metal work will be needed. The parts will go out to be be sand blasted tomorrow and then to the powder coater.
Motor arrived...

I got the Clinton motor today.. It is a great runner with a new clutch. It will be disassemble and restored. I don't want it to go too fast...:scooter:
Clinton Motor Resto

I test fired the Clinton. It started on the second pull. Nice and responsive. The flow bowl is leaking. I have a rebuild kit coming. I broke the motor down and stripped it. The tins will go to the blaster. This engine was originally white?? That is the color Tristin has chose. It will go great with orange. :gunsmilie::gunsmilie:
I have an NOS filter from Bay coming. It will be a nice addition.
Posting pictures??

How do I post the pictures in full format?? I have them in my gallery and attack them to the posting...shrug:
after you click "insert" the box with your pics will appear

towards the top it says "As" it always choses thumbnail as a default

click the arrow after thumbnails

a smaller box will appear with different choices, chose "medium only"

than click in an open area anywhere on screen, than chose your pic
no problem, some thumbnails take forever to load,and I really think posting as "medium" makes it easier for everyone to see your pics

your build is coming along nicely :thumbsup: