Upgrades to my bikes

Just posting a quick update following my new guy thread from a few days ago. As a quick recap we bought 3 Motovox Mbx11s for Christmas--kids love them but I can't keep up (I weigh 180#). So I bought 2 jackshaft kits from HotRodMiniBike and a Phase 3 kit for the 3rd.

The jackshaft kits are easy to install and did make a huge difference on pickup--time will tell if I can get up a hill on one when camping but they should be awesome for the kids. The original chain guard fits just fine after band sawing the lower rear portion off.

The phase 3 kit instructions were good--not great, but overall easy to figure everything out. I upgraded to the Predator 212 engine and the included motor mount made things very easy to use. Phase 3 also comes with the jackshaft kit and I opted for the Uni air filter and underseat exhaust. Only issue with the install is the gas cap falls directly beneath the cross bars, making it very difficult to remove. I called HotRodMiniBike again and Shaun sent me a low profile chrome gas cap that works great.

The Predator makes it an entirely different bike--pick up is very quick! I set the throttle limiter so it does't rev too high during break in, so I'm still maxed out at about 20-25, same top speed as the original motor, but wow it gets there quickly. I won't let my kids on it.

So overall really happy with the upgrades, and with the help and service of HRMB. Here are a couple of pics.