Where to buy slant intake for tecumseh? bird nighthawk project

You probably already know this but that intake is for the 4hp and not the 5hp. The 5's have their own slanted intake. Not an easy one to come by.
Damn I meant to write I need one for a 5hp and a 7hp... Might have to just make one and have my buddy weld it up but aluminum is a bitch to weld.


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You could always add a wedge to the intake manifold to tilt the carb to level. There used to be a thread here where someone showed how to do it, but I can't seem to locate it.


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there was a member named Hamlin57 who used to make these wedges. it's been a while though, dont even know if he's around anymore. It's not that hard if you have the tools to do it. I think he said that they were cut at 22 degrees...