Windber 2021

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

joshua. c.

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I had a fun time I made some new friends, bought an engine and a bunch of parts and had some fun ridding around. I did try the trails and mud is right, I only made 1 complete lap, it was 40% mud up there and I had to push the bike just to move in most of the muddy spots. I even had to help a kid get his bike moving when he berried the back wheel in a muddy corner. I forgot my tent so I found out my truck bed with a tono cover is actually makes a pretty good tent, I slept like a log. I had my camera but forgot to take any pictures. I even lent one of my bikes out to a lady to try ridding a mini bike for the first time. Imagine that, her first time riding a mini bike was at Windber! it was a good weekend I'll be back next year.
That was fun! Thanks Jeff & crew. Bought some items that I really needed for my projects and a couple that new projects will be based off of, eventually. The highlight for me though, is the people you meet for the first time and the ones you re-connect with from other parts of this great country. Very grateful to be back to where we are.