Windber 2021

We're loaded already and have made the first leg of the trip.

I didn't have enough time off work to drive up Tuesday and Wednesday. @Mariah was kind enough to offer us a campsite behind her home in Pa, for Sunday night thru Wednesday afternoon, so we got here last night, and I am working remotely remote lol thru Wednesday.

Heading to Johnstown Walmart Wednesday night, and checking in at Jeff's Thursday morning.

The kids have been riding all afternoon, today so I'll have to re-load Wednesday afternoon !

Windber here we come !!!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.
I keep making lists… as I load stuff in the van I check it off the list. As I think of something I put it on the list…. I think I’m down to just the stuff I can’t load until I’m ready to leave….
BUT what are some of the things you need to remember to bring. Maybe it will help the rest of us remember…..
Start the list.
1)Gas for the bikes
I’m leaving tomorrow morning. Will take about 10 hours. I’ll chill for the night and the regulars will show up Wednesday night so we can go out to our now annual dinner. Then Walmart for the final,stuff Thursday morning. Then Jeff’s when we can get in. Not too early. He doesn’t like people there before your suppose to be.
I'm jealous of you guys. My wife is dragging me off to a short vacation to the beach. (I was going to say "mini vacation" but I'm going to miss my real "mini bike vacation" for the first time in 3 years. If I only knew, way back then, that Jeff did Windber at this time of the year, I would've got married on a different date 40 years ago. I'll see you guys next year. Have a good time.