Windber Mini Bike Reunion

I know, i'm besides myself wantin to hit some of these events. I built my bus 3 years ago and then for one reason or another, i can never get away from here ugh
I hope you're able to make it over there one'll be addicted though.

Windber is the ultimate vacation / therapy !

We've been there the last 11 years, and I miss it. I am having withdrawal symptoms here !

I did ride Cadman's Coleman last night, and planning to ride one of our other's later today. But it ain't the same lol :)

40 plus acres of mini bike heaven, and hundreds of like minded people !
yea no one around me is really into them, or much anything else. I'm kind of in a area where there are no real gearheads, they just trash everything here and park it out back behind a shed or it goes to the scrap man. So I am always just ridin solo or my wife when I can manage to drag her onto one lol

I need some adult man children to play with like myself lol