wrenchdad's Bird "Blue Thunder" vintage class 2014 build off


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Well I got pictures I got it all together but I cant get her running. I don't know why, must have something in the carb screwed up. The motor does run just cant get it running now.
It's all original (except the paint) the original seat is there I just covered it. Still has the Fox tires on it

She sure looks pretty compared to the before pictures.


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Looks great:thumbsup: Those tecumseh engines are so touchy:doah: One day it runs great, next day you can't get it started:facepalm:
I have never had any trouble with this motor ,however There was some crud in the carb and I did clean it, even pulled it today, twice. I've blown cleaner and air through everything I can but I must be missing something some where.

I'll just have to check again.


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Check your flywheel key!

I have had this problem more than once, kept blaming carb and it was the timing.
I need to get a good supply of the steel keys, the aluminum ones suck.


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OK The final night of the build off I couldn't get the bike started. (hence no ride video) I pulled for over an hour and made all kind of adjustments. I pulled the carb twice and cleaned it. I got two or three pops but then nothing. even with a little gas dumped in the carb it wouldn't fire. I checked the plug and it had spark and was even wet. Two days later I pulled the carb again and I found that the little hole that draws fuel from inside the bowl up and into the carb was plugged. (it looked just like every thing else in the carb that why I missed it) So I was sure that was it. I reassembled it and put it back on and still nothing. Not even with starter fluid. So like Pomfish suggested I was going to check the flywheel key. ( I didn't think that was it but I was out of options). That's when I found out Exactly how dumb I was. This whole time my problem was self induced. When I put the shroud back on I forgot to torque the three bolts that go into the head to hold the shroud on:doah:
As soon as I put the wrench on them to take them off I realized what I had done. I tightened them up and with a half of a pull on the rope it fired right up. Now I think I still have a problem, It wont smooth out and I cant get the fuel adjustments to respond. It wont go past half throttle and then starts to get rough. I think my manifold gasket might be torn. I'll check it tomorrow. But at least now I know it runs. I still owe a Red Nose challenge Ride that I'll make good on once I get it running right.

marc 1

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It still might be your carb. Did you do the shake test. with the carb completely apart,shake the body, you should hear a rattle. Mine did not have a rattle. I used a good carb that rattled and it started first pull, sweet idle, and runs great still. Good luck.