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    P1090467 (2).JPG

    Two are great but definitely not twice the effect of just one! One takes out a lot of that mean throaty sound of an open header, but at the price of breaking up the open flow.
  2. IMG_20190208_162029671[1976].jpg


    Robertson's first twin-flipper, ceramic, 45* grooves added
  3. TheDullCarbide

    Performance header design-Am I doing it right???

    To start off, I am working on a Greyhound 212 with the governor intact and the governor spring cut to give me 4400rpm no-load. I have about 1.5-2 degrees timing advance by slotting the holes in the coil pack and moving it down. It has a Comet TAV2 that engages at 2200 rpm and accelerates at 3900...
  4. jayvansickle

    Header or air filter

    Ok, I'm on a tight budget so which one first, header or filter and jets? It's on a Doodle Bug with the 212cc Predator engine. Have to spread purchases out.
  5. G

    Gc header

    Fabbed up a header Got the idea here from searching old threads Not pretty yet because I had to put it on and try it I plan on wrapping it!
  6. trinik7597


    Robertson's super Snake for animal / intek motor in good used condition $37 shipped

    FS. Tecumseh HS40 S Pipe Header

    Selling a Tecumseh S pipe Header from a HS40 4hp Engine.In good condition with some dents on the Muffler section. Asking $40.00 shipped lower 48.Thanks for looking...
  8. james ackerman

    Wtb power products ah58 exhaust header!!

    Looking for a header or really any type of exhaust that will vit my application. What's out there?
  9. CarPlayLB

    Chrome header for Briggs5HP/Raptor/Tec H50

    I know...it's awesome...right? This was tig welded by a certified welder with an RLV muffler on the end. I had a support bracket welded to the pipe and made a fancy adapter for the strut. Comes with stainless allen head bolts to the block. Need to get $100 plus actual shipping on this one...
  10. bikebudy

    Tecumseh Header plate ?

    Hello OldMiniBikes, I don't know about You but, I have had a hard time finding A Exhaust Header blank. So I finally find a blank from a friend. Correct blank to build a Header for a 4hp Tecumseh. What a thin 16 gauge POS is what is but, it is a perfect template. So I checked today with an outfit...
  11. Sprocket86

    DB 30 GX 200 header pipe

    I know this has probably been asked many times before but I'm coming across a lot of conflicting information. Does anyone know of a header pipe with the 3/4 inch pipe thread for a briggs muffler that fits a first gen DB 30 that has a Honda GX200 swap without the use of an aluminum adapter...
  12. bikesisbikes

    Predator exhaust header

    I'm getting all the parts gathered up for my build. I like the looks of this header but would really like some advice on how well it works and sounds. Has anyone installed the particular header? How do you like it? How is the sound/volume? It appears the placement would almost dictate the use...
  13. boatguy

    West Bend 580 Exhaust Header

    Looking for a trumpet style exhaust header for a West Bend 580 motor. Anyone know where I can find one for a Build Off bike? Thanks.
  14. T

    Rejetting after intake and header upgrade

    Is it necessary to rejet after putting a stage 1 upgrade?
  15. trinik7597

    Briggs animal header

    Really nice staged animal pipe $30 shipped
  16. Fisher1983

    eBay header

    motovox 10 11 12 mini bike go cart exhaust pipe Heres a link to my eBay header I bought for my Dirt Bug. Might have to mod it some but its a nice looking quality part. Came two days early too! Ill post more pics when I install it tonight.
  17. CarPlayLB

    Briggs Raptor/5HP "LOOP" header

    Let me know what you have! I am in need of a Raptor/5HP loop type header. It may get cut, so it can be rusty, just no dented tubes. I have cash, PayPal, food stamps, day labor, pelts, beads, smoked meats, cigars, and minibike parts to trade! Let me know whatcha got
  18. Ajf

    Speedway blackshadow header Sachs 80b

    Need a header and carburetor (Sachs 80b) for a speedway black shadow and possibly other parts. Pm or email aaronfriedl@yahoo.com
  19. Ajf

    Sachs saxonette header Arctic cat

    Looking for 2 of the exhaust headers used on the saxonette hop up kit. It was also used on the Sachs 80b. The bend is a little different than the stock saxonette engine. Thanks
  20. B

    header pipe question

    do i need a brace for this so it won't crack from vibration https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/Narrow-frame-pipe-screw-on-muffler.html?category_id=1629