1. C

    Build existing 196 HISUN or Buy a Tillotson

    Have a CT200U-EX. Looking for more power and to do it properly. One route is spending ample amounts to upgrade the HiSun. Cam, rod, flywheel. Is it worth it do this or just start out with a faster engine like the Tillotson 212R claiming 10hp already out of the box for the same price as...
  2. Power pony

    Power pony

    Auto power pony
  3. Power pony

    Power pony

    Auto power pony
  4. Fisher1983

    Tec HS50 versus H35 Power Sport

    So...I'm in the process of building my HS50 5hp engine. I have seen that the OHH50 billet rod fits the HS50. Today I acquired an H35 Power Sport 3.5hp and opened it up. I realized that the crank cases for both engines are identical. In fact, the side cover gasket I bought for the 50 is the same...
  5. drenchedgremlin

    Are tecumseh "power sport" motors any good?

    I am considering buying a tecumseh power sport 3.5hp motor for under $50. Runs good and looks to be in nice shape. ANy one have good experience with these motors, or should i save my money. Need someone to talk me into or out of it
  6. relicracing

    Power Products Model 1000 $175

    Spins, no carb. Will trade for Bonanza BC1300Hs parts or Fox rear disc brake setup for a Condor. Thanks. Motor/Me are in Southern NJ.

    Power junkies that have time and money

  8. M

    Stock Coleman CT200U engine vs Predator Hemi. Which has more power?

    Which is better out of the box? Going to build one or the other and can pick up the 212cc Hemi for $89.
  9. C

    More power!!

    Hello, I've got a Coleman ct200u with the stock clone engine. I added a .035 rejet kit, hi-flow air filter and ARC racing adapter. Also have a custom straight pipe. I feel that I need some more power, for what i'm doing with the minibike. My friend did a pretador swap and now he almost beats...
  10. james ackerman

    Wtb power products ah58 exhaust header!!

    Looking for a header or really any type of exhaust that will vit my application. What's out there?
  11. A

    Slat Kitty suitcase, micro power products suitcase

    I've seen pictures of a suitcase for the Slat Kitty but that's all. Doe anyone know if they actually existed or know anything about them? Also I have a Micropower Products folding suitcase mini bike that needs restored and I'd like to find a suitcase for it. Our friend Marcus sent me some...
  12. tippycanoenm

    Go power wheels

    Nice set of 6 inch go power with repop new sprocket..72 tooth i believe..220.00 includes shipping and paypal fees. Please pm for pics and queations...thanks for looking.
  13. C

    6hp Power Sport throttle connection

    I have a few questions regarding connecting throttle cable. There appears to be two locations where cable can be connected. One is at the side of motor and moves up/down vertically. Or it looks like it can be connected on the bottom part horizontally Which location should be used...
  14. bikebudy

    Gas power this puppy up !

    I say 50cc and rubber tires :thumbsup::laugh:
  15. P

    clinton or power products?

    so I have an old 1959 dual engine kart (trackmaster) which was built for 2 engines, I have 2 good Clinton 500's (look just like the 490 but newer I think) and I have 2 power product AH47, all 4 are good, but wondering which ones are better? better I mean running idling and performace? thanks
  16. Outlaw Ace

    Go Power Wheels casting flaws

    I've had a few sets of go-power wheels and now two sets have had these casting slag marks that are raised up with a sharp edge on a smooth surface where others were peened in this area and polished on the rim and the edges of the holes with no flaws, I've also had some repop Mancos with the same...
  17. V

    wtb 6in bonanza wheels one kidney one go power

    I want to buy one kidney bean and one go power . let me know what you have for sale. i currently have one of each and want to make matching sets. just bought a bonanza to restore and its got mis matched set.
  18. tippycanoenm

    Go power wheels and drum

    Set of clean go powers.....with new drum/sprocket...asking 225.00 shipped...please pm me for pics and thanks for looking
  19. markus

    katcart stuffer intake for Power products AH engines??

    I picked up a couple of NOS Homelite 4 pedal reed cages that I will be putting fiber reeds on along with one I already have thats going in a Westbend 700 with a cloned go power stuffer. Since I will have some spare assemblies I was thinking about using one for an AH61 I have. Kat cart has their...
  20. gbabins1

    WTB Go Power 60t Sprocket

    Looking for a Go Power 60t sprocket (for a 6" wheel). Anyone help a brother out? :smile: