WTB tecumseh dog leg muffler

Help please. I need a dog leg muffler for my H30. I think they are the same as HS40 and H35. I have 3 of them but the angel is wrong. I need it to exit the top part of the engine. You can see the muffler I have on the engine is going the wrong way. I have cash, paypal or can trade for one of the NOS mufflers I have. Thank you.

Is the bottom one in the second pic also have the angled muffler tip? I cant tell by the pic; I have 2 like that, but they aim straight back; I was under the impression only the longer ones were tilted, for angle motor plate frames, but I am not the expert.....


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Karen I was trying to get to the box O' Muff's when you texted yesterday to see if I did have any dog leg ones left and got sidetracked. The only H25-35 I have right now I need to graft a new muffler head on, but the visble diference for what you need can be seen here:

Left HS50, center HS40, Right H25-30-35

I did a small run of H25-35 headers last year but they are all sold out, They looked the part at least. Looks like I have enough stuff to make some more if my homemade bending tool will hold up.....its not doing too well after the last run of them :laugh:

Here's how they came out:

If all goes well I will have an HS50 I just rebuilt in paint in the next day or so and can try to work on some of the mufflers, or at least graft a new head onto the one original I have, I would not mind getting my hands on an HS version....I have way more HS engines than I do the mufflers.
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