1. FunWithStuff

    Tecumseh Minibike Muffler 33128-A

    Hello! I am looking for a used or new old stock Tecumseh Taylor mini bike muffler with a type 100 spark arrestor screen and the part number 33128A. Anyone that has some and is willing to sell one I would be glad to purchase one. Thanks!
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  6. R

    Need Exhaust and Muffler for 1969 Rupp Digger - Tecumseh H50 Engine

    Looking for original lock nut, 45 degree 3/4 inch exhaust header and short muffler to fit a 1969 Rupp Digger with a Tecumseh H50 engine (5 horsepower).
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    Adding homemade muffler.
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    Parts for fabricating muffler.
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    The disc muffler setup was fun to fool with. I added a Supertrapp resonator to Robertson's 12- disc muffler and added 8 more discs. It sounded great. I added a small K&N chrome filter top to the top to hide the nut and rod.
  10. manchester1

    WTB tecumseh dog leg muffler

    Help please. I need a dog leg muffler for my H30. I think they are the same as HS40 and H35. I have 3 of them but the angel is wrong. I need it to exit the top part of the engine. You can see the muffler I have on the engine is going the wrong way. I have cash, paypal or can trade for one...
  11. olddog

    What am I missing? Chinese Mike Bike Muffler

    I have to be missing something...... 05 CHINESE MANCO MINI BIKE EXHAUST MUFFLER | eBay
  12. CLH

    Forestry Service Approved Spark Arrestor Muffler

    Looking for a forestry service approved muffler with a spark arrestor like a Taylor muffler or a Nelson muffler. Just needs the "US forestry service approval" stamp on it. 3/4 inch threads needed, no smaller or bigger. Thank you, reply or send me a PM.
  13. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 3/4"NPT muffler NOS 5HP

    I have a new, old stock, B&S muffler, This fits the 5HP engines, or any engine that is 3/4"NPT. This is the good old heavy one and I am including the heavy "real deal" lock nut, not like the cheezy conduit nuts they use today. These vintage pieces can be yours for $22.00, priority shipped to the...
  14. O

    Jacobsen 321 2 Cycle Engine Parts

    Parts appear to be from a Jacobsen 321 2 cycle engine. They may fit other models as well. All parts are untested and in good used condition. Prices INCLUDE shipping and handling. Shipping to the USA ONLY. PayPal preferred. USPS money orders also accepted. Discount given if you pick up the...
  15. C

    9 n.o.s tecumseh spark arrester muffler

    I have 9 nos mufflers and the display box. Willing to separate them up. Can bring down to windber. $30 each or $270 for the set plus shipping.
  16. capguncowboy

    Hilltopper Muffler (Nelson T-11708)

    I picked this up with anticipation on picking up a survivor that needed it, but that deal fell through. Has a dent in one end. It's been painted, but I don't see any structural damage. $75 plus shipping or I can bring it to Windber
  17. Studeman68

    Taylor muffler for a Super Bronc

    3rd one this guy has listed tonight... He keeps adding them... Going quick... Vintage Taylor Small Engine, Garden Tractor, Mower Moto Exhaust Pipe Muffler NOS
  18. chatten63

    Hard to find Super Bronc muffler and flex pipe

    Used Taylor spark arrested muffler and flex pipe for Super Bronc or Trail bronc. This is a very hard muffler to find. $150+Shipping to lower 48.
  19. FOMOGO

    WTB Nelson Muffler for Super Bronc.

    I need a Nelson muffler for a VT-8. I am looking for the round one that mounts to the fender and exits out the bottom. I appreciate any help with this. Any leads would also be much appreciated. Doug
  20. jeep4me

    Clutches, Nelson Muffler, Brake handle

    Max Torque 3/4", 12 tooth, #35 chain.....$15 Multi disc clutch, 3/4", 15 tooth, #35 chain.....$45 Nelson Muffler (Herters Style), couple small dings.....$75 7/8" Brake handle, accepts large barrel end cables.....$15 Plus shipping on all items. Cash or PayPal as a friend or include the fees...