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  • James, it was good to meet you!
    I think it was you who asked a good questuon about the Ventura races but I cannot remember the question; was it you and what was the question??
    Hi James : Glad to have you as a friend. Well when it came to trikes back in the day say 1971 to 1974 that was my main interest for my self even though the store was involved in all the Minicycle racing all over Los Angeles and sprint karts and just the every day mini bikes and yard karts. I was out racing or watching racing every weekend that the sun was shinning. That on top of a full time job as a building maintenance engineer in Century City. I am always interested in this kind of projects and your Dune Cat should be a great ride. I see that you have a Powell and a flock of great bikes I love the Cushman scooter and the Mustang trail bike. Do you still have them ?
    Here to help any time Steve Durham Portland, Oregon
    Glad to hear your coming, you should pre register if you are riding. Go to VenturaRaceway.com

    My shop is pretty near the track so you could bring me my chopper!!
    Hey, have you had enough of that dumb chopper?? Ready to sell it to me yet?? That is my "one that got away" - hope you decide to move it along! I want to park it next to my Barstool Racer!!!
    James, do me a favor, call me Edwin, theres another guy on here named Ed, i dont want to get confused with that guy. lol thanks
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