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  • Buy it!! I 'll buy it from you if you change your mind! I'll give you the pipe and $30.00!

    Those code letters in ebay's list of bidders on an item don't change! If you are the $20.51 you are i***g; if you were high at $20.01 you are e***e
    They scramble the bidders names randomly. Mine doesn't show up the same as on your screen. I'm high bidder on the Tillotson 368A whatever that shows up as. I found a Warrior rolling chassis complete for 80 bucks. Now, do I want a dirt bike?
    Hey MB Paul! Are you the same guy that just purchased the Red/White/Blue Mini Chopper? If so, you and I spoke last week about your new bike. I am the former owner of FullBlownMinis.Com. I finally got the time to check out this site. VERY NICE! I will be back! I got tons of old Full Blown Minis photos I hope to be sharing with members soon. I have some that include our displays at shows, our road rig and our show bike AMERICA that was on the cover of Mini Chopper Magazine. Back when I operated FBM I was a big supporter of a site called Hardcore Mini Chopper Forum. It was a show us what you have, show your projects, ask your questions type of forum. What magazine are you associated with, or own? I really enjoyed our chat last week.. thanks for calling. Take care.
    I used the pipe. Let me know if you want me to order you another or payment. I also have a candy cane staged clone header if you are interested.
    didnt plan on going to perris raceway sat. have to much to do. restoreing a powell phantom 7 roller to get some pocket money. lol
    Jusy saw your VM, no racing today for me, Terry flew back today about 3: pm so that was the call.
    How about you, Perris I think!
    Sell me an authentic kickstand for the Taco 100, i got the clutch as you know!
    what ups MBP ?, are you making it out either to hanford or perris today at all ? i saw you bought 2 mercury clutches, i actually didn have a mercury , i had a comet.
    hi. my name is Chris Guevara. (ttsquirrel on the site.) i received a message from rob marion that you might have a db30 you are selling. i am going to the kings speedway tonight just in case others might have info%
    The bolt holes in the spacers are 2 13/16" dia. on center and I cut the center hole 2 1/8" to match the sprocket. The over all dia. of the spacer is 3 1/2" , but there is some wiggle room. A little bigger of smaller in not going to hurt anything!
    No problem MBP. Glad to help. I had a ball over there yesterday talking engines. Yuo should see some of their work. There was a GX200 on the stand for an oval mini bike racer that was getting stroked, bored, and all kinds of fast. Not sure who it belongs too. Here's the flathead I picked up.

    Just got your voice mail. I picked up your engine from Nash's today. He found a 30 over chrome piston and bored your cylinder.
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