1. ibspector01

    1969 Rupp Sprint Brake

    I need a rear brake for a 1969 Rupp Sprint or Digger. A backing plate would also work. The one I have is badly worn.
  2. Valocalrep

    Rare 1969 simplex minibike

    RARE 1969 SIMPLEX MINIBIKE WITH FATBOB TANK I do have to say it looks nice
  3. Cleturner

    1969 lil Indian papoose

    I found a 1969 papoose pretty much all is there except for the motor....question is will it be possible to get a motor? It still has Cali plates!!!!! Please help.
  4. Peekster

    1969 Tecumseh H35 Lighted

    Here is a nice lighted H35 from a Rupp. Ran good,was fitted with a Delorto carb,thats why no gov linkage.The lighting coil worked good.Great Original paint.Serial #9114 12813 H35-45210G $250 + Shipping
  5. slywilliez

    WTB briggs 5 hp 1969 shrouds

    I am looking to buy two briggs 5 hp pull start shrouds. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. S

    1969 Rupp Chopper

    All original Rupp Chopper Runs and rides good. Asking $650 or Best offer. I'm selling to buy a Honda Crf 50 so if you have one I'd be interested in doing some trading. Please email me for pics at: silverta16@yahoo.com Thanks I can assist with shipping, just email me. Thanks
  7. Hemibrad

    1969 Rupp TT500 for sale

    1969 Rupp TT 500 for sale needs resto mostly complete. I can bring it to Mikes show in NJ if interested. Or interested party can come to my house and inspect as I am about 15 minutes from the show. Hemibrad@yahoo.com I can email interted party photos. I will also trade for a vintage chopper...
  8. D

    1969 Rupp Roadster build

    Hey everyone, i've been building this mini bike for about 3-4 weeks now in my free time. This was my friends bike years ago. one day he came over and wanted to tear it down and clean it up. well he lost his job and asked if I wanted it and if not he was just going to throw it away. PSH i kept...
  9. jrzmac

    1969 Rupp Catalog

    Wow, just found these on Facebook. Never seen em' before!!!! wish they were bigger:
  10. toomanytoys

    1969 Rupp Roadster roller

    I have a 1969 Rupp Roadster Frame, with 10" rupp mag wheels, with OEM rupp tires for sale. I bought this bike off of 1badfox around new years and well its just sat. I had big plans for this bike. I had planned on an extended swingarm, and putting a dirt bike front end on it, and trying to...
  11. miny bike tee

    1969 cat 400x og disc brakes and handle

    I have the disc brakes set up off of my 69 cat 400x I dont use this type of brake on my bike I know someone can use it..its all there ...50.00..shipped
  12. murrayeliminator

    1969 The Cat mini bike 250x PHX AZ

    1969 The Cat mini bike 250x
  13. David wulf

    1969 simplex minibike ?????

    Okay I don't know how to put the ad on here maybe someone could for me . State VA , area hampton Rds and search simplex minibike . Bike looks cool as hell is it rare and or worth what they want . Its been there for a while was 700 and now 600 .
  14. lil indian chopper

    1969 rupp scrambler

    looking into buying from original owner. 69 rupp. comes with all paper work.. rare find. missing tank decals only. otherwise complete... stay tuned..
  15. M

    1969 Roadster Frame, fork, swingarm

    I have a 1969 Frame, fork, and swingarm if anyone is intersted. You can pick it up or have it shipped for the actual shipping cost. I'm asking $100.00 becuase of the rules but will accept any reasonable offers. I will post pics later today. Perfect for a project bike.
  16. 45t

    1969 Cat 300TT

    I'm thinning out my herd of Cat bikes (selling a few of them) in order to get something else that I have found. The first bike going up for sale is my 1969 300TT. I haven't had the bike that long but I have gone through it and made a nice vintage rider out of it. Here is a list of what I put on...
  17. markus

    parting out: 1969 Rupp Goat

    1969 Rupp frame, with forks (uppers and lowers), swingarm, and correct handlebars (need u bolts welded on) Frame is really nice, no rewelds or repairs, no rust or pits or rot, no bends. Has a spray bomb job on it with some chips etc.. very light chain rash on the swingarm, left sideupper on...
  18. 1

    Found the original Boonie I built in 1969

    I purchased the same Boonie Bike I built in 1969 recently in amazing original condition. Pretty much all it needs is a cosmetic clean up. New to this site and hope to meet some folks that are or were bitten in the past by the Boonie bug. I plan on posting some pictures tomorrow.
  19. D

    1969 Rupp Roadster Project

    Well, I have completed my '65 Rupp Continental except for the paint now I am starting my next project, a '69 Rupp Roadster. I have already stripped the paint and bead blasted everything. I have a few parts on order and will try and make this one a "keeper." I will sell the '65 as soon as I...
  20. G

    1969 Keystone Delux

    Just bought a 1969 Keystone Delux with the Tas 49cc 2 stroke...kinda cool little bike...seems exotic with the 2 stroke...cruised it around my neighborhood and it was like cruisin' a Ferrari...Red with black seat.