1. G

    1972 Suzuki Trail Hopper

    Where can I find some info on this model? I have the chance to buy a pretty rough looking one. Owner says no spark..Is the ignition system pretty simple??? Coil, points Also what are some of the major things to look at on this model...Thanks
  2. Sixpac440

    Hilltopper as advertised in the Heathkit caltalog in 1972

    I bought the catalog off eBay ... PM me an email address if you want the original scan ...
  3. Sixpac440

    Boonie Bike as advertised in the Heathkit caltalog in 1972

    I bought the catalog off eBay ... PM me an email address if you want the original scan ...
  4. ericrg3

    1972 sl70 wiring harness! Why must you be so hard to find???

    :confused: The Ko's are out there and so is the xl's but no sl70k1 harnesses!!! Does anyone know of anyone that makes them? :scooter:
  5. gammatg

    Double post sorry

    Double post sorry
  6. gammatg

    1972 Canadian Rupp Roadster

    About 6 weeks ago a guy out of Canada contacted me about selling some Rupp bikes. We made a deal and I went across the ditch to pick them up. I was messing around with one of them this weekend and noticed this sticker on the head hidden behind the headlight. I had never seen one of these...
  7. ericrg3

    1972 Honda SL70 wiring harness!!!

    I have a 72 Honda sl70 k2 & I am in need of a complete wiring harness, battery tray, chain guard and a front fender. If someone has one available for sale, please contact me. Thanks!!!
  8. Sprocket86

    1972 Tec H35 carb options.

    Unfortunately the original carb on my 1972 DMP Scamper with the TEC H35 engine is shot. Someone over tightened the LS needle and broke off the metering tip of the needle in the carb body :censure: I hear no check ball rattle when I shake the carb body and the throttle shaft has a good amount...
  9. John G.

    1972 Tecumseh H25

    Mini bike correct 1972 Tecumseh H25 off an Alexander Reynolds mini bike. It has a 3/4" by 2 1/4" tapped and threaded crank and is a rear exhaust engine. I put a new carb and fuel line on it to make sure its still alive. It runs pretty decent for an old engine, idles good, accelerates good.There...
  10. Harleys Papa

    HarleysPapa - 1972 Fox Thunderbolt MX212 - (Vintage Open)

    1972 Fox Thunderbolt MX212 "Vintage Open Class"
  11. robs52s

    1972 Cat R4001 HPE Muskin

    For sale 1972 hpe Muskin Cat 4001. Haven't started it in a couple years, been sitting in my garage, ran great last time I ran it, carburetor will probably need to be cleaned since it hasn't ran in so long. Missing fenders and clutch cover, everything else is there. Asking $350 or best offer.
  12. RuppChopperPaul

    1972 JC Penney Swinger Trail

    FINISHED: IN THE BEGINNING: 1972 JC Penney Swinger Trail - $3999 Unfortunately I have been out of work for several months now and possibly looking at changing careers so I am reluctantly offering up my 1972 JC Penney Swinger Trail that I had started for the 2016 Build-Off Competition...
  13. danford1

    1972 Rupp Roadser2. Runs good. $900

    1972 Rupp Roadster2 project. It runs and drives good but needs restoration to look nice again. It has original paint/patina. It has a non original Tecumseh HS40 engine without a lighting coil. It has a head light but no tail light or wiring harness. Great candidate for a resto project. $900 I...
  14. danford1

    1972 Rupp Roadster2 questions

    I bought a 1972 Rupp Roadster2 today. It is a project bike... not a ready to ride specimen. It has a head light on it but no tail light. I don't know if the headlight was just bolted on for looks by someone or if it came with it. There aren't any handle bar switches either. Is there a serial...
  15. myjunk

    1972 Moto Skeeter parts

    I have these parts for a Moto Skeeter, I believe they fit the 550 or 650. $75.00
  16. D

    1972 Speedway Red Baron original

    Here is a nice 1972 Speedway Red Baron, I cleaned up and detailed. I replaced the head gasket, points, condenser, ignition coil, new jackshaft bearing and belt, new rear brake cable and brake switch, new carburetor, grips, fork seals and dust caps. Original Carlisle tires and rare mirror, check...
  17. D

    New Member 1972 Speedway Red Baron want to detail

    hi dugm00 here, I loved these mini bikes as a kid, now that I am a big kid, I can afford ? them. I just bought a 1972 Speedway Red Baron, not running yet. I need to replace the front fork seals. I have the seals from ebay. how do you get them off, what type of fork oil do I use and any tricks on...
  18. C

    Artic Cat Ramrod project

    A good friend just pulled out an old Arctic Cat ramrod mini bike hoping to get it running for his kids. He asked my son to get it running for him. It seems to be low on compression. Looking for a service manual, parts info, and specs for this old bike. Does anyone have copies of this stuff...
  19. Fatboy04

    1972 Rupp Roadster

    I have what I believe is a 1972 Rupp Roadster for sale Runs, but needs light/kill switch and the belt slips It includes a parts bike with nice chrome. Pick up only in Cedar Rapids Iowa Pay Pay would work , but CASH is King. $750.00 What you see is what you get
  20. P

    1972 Speedway Sper Spyder Frame

    I have a 1972 Super Spyder frame for sale, or at least part of it. I was going to try to save the bike after someone went Jason with a saw/torches and cut it. It is the same cradle as a Silver Shadow. I have 3 other Spyders I need to finish restoring so this unique oppertunty is up for grabs...