HarleysPapa - 1972 Fox Thunderbolt MX212 - (Vintage Open)

Thanks guys :thumbsup: I was going to take more pic's but as soon as I took that one the battery in the camera died :doah: I get more pic's later :thumbsup:
Here is a better pic with the tank I am going to use :thumbsup:

The fenders have some un needed holes that need to be filled, the tank and fenders will be painted Yellow :thumbsup:
I'm going to make plate mounts and try and use 3 yellow number plates with black numbers :thumbsup:

I got a set of period correct grips from a clown on the west coast :laugh:

I'll be using this predator that came off my Wards trike before I sold it :thumbsup: its a mild motor with rejet w/adjustable main, air cleaner and I will do a custom header that will go over the motor and down the front and under the bike with a removable muffler :thumbsup: I'm not sure if the fly wheel cover will be black or yellow :shrug:

The swing arm was already stretched when I got the bike, I need to make the # plate mounts and a rear fender mount(the oem fender mounted to the bottom of the seat) The frame will get a gloss black paint job :thumbsup:
I got some thing in the mail yesterday from a clown.....I mean my good buddy Eric/CarPlayLB :thumbsup: I think it compliments the Fox decal I bought when I got the tank :thumbsup: