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  1. measuring crank with wrench

    measuring crank with wrench

    measuring crank with wrench
  2. jewwlion

    3/4" #35 chain bore MaxTorque clutch

    I've had no luck selling it on craigslist and am selling it by pick up only. Still has great torque and engages perfectly. Comes with the set screws and key. $20 - I accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and cash obviously. If you're interested call or text me at 808 938 8238 and I'll tell you where I'm...
  3. KustomKartKid

    CAT Style HORSTMAN Clutch 3/4" x 12T x 35 Chain

    Here's an old Horstman clutch the same style the used on the early CAT Muskin bikes. I have never tried to use it but the drum bushing feels nice with little to no wear and the teeth on the drum are near perfect. The bore and set screw are also nice and the shoes look pretty good. It's 3/4" so I...
  4. D

    3/4" drive belts

    I'm assuming these "kelvar" belts are a new thing (Kelvar 1958??) What did they use previously.. Just a regular V belt? Reason being... I've got (basically) a 20 set-up, but my "shaft to shaft" is 15" Longest "comet type" belt I can find is 12-13" or so. Rather than going to a whole new...
  5. S

    I need a Comet 30 series driver 3/4" shaft

    I have a tav2 that was going to go on a different project, but that was 1" shaft. I just got a predator 212 hence the 3/4" need. I'd be willing to trade the 1" or buy the 3/4" outright.
  6. KustomKartKid

    NOS RUPP Clutch Bell Drum 3/4" x 11T x # 35

    New Old Stock RUPP clutch bell....not sure what bike this would be for. 3/4" crank, 11 tooth for #35 Chain. Rupp Part # 13116 Can't beat NOS....$30 shipped, Paypal only please.
  7. 125ccCrazy

    Comet clutch 3/4" 41 pitch

    3/4 bore. 41 pitch 11 tooth good shape, not a rattler..nice and tight.. $20 plus shipping OBO
  8. Bikerscum

    Nothing to see here, please move along

  9. boostdoctor

    60+ hp 3/4" shaft clutch?

    I'm sure my next project will make in excess of 60hp. I have everything figured but the clutch. Is there a clutch that will handle 60+ hp with a 3/4" shaft. I really want to keep it simple and not run a cvt.
  10. james c

    deepco 3/4" driver

    looking for a deepco driver and driven. 3/4" driver 5/8" driven, 6" or 7" driven
  11. Bikerscum

    WTB... Briggs 3hp 3/4" crank that's been turned down to accept a 5/8" clutch

    Nice work only please :thumbsup:
  12. MB165

    Small Frame 3/4" HM80 for sale, bringing to windber

    This is a small frame, 8hp, 3/4" tapped/ keyed shaft. bolts right up to any minibike or gocart that is drilled for a 2-5hp briggs/ tecumseh! i have inspected the internals, valves, bore, piston, rod crankpin in great shape Stock internals, pz24 carb, custom manifold and straight pipe, it...
  13. M

    Typical Crankshaft Step-up for 3/4" Horizontal Shaft

    Hi all, I'm retrofitting a piece of equipment to my utility engine for my mini bike and I've noticed that I have three different types of crankshafts on my three engines. The part I'm concerned with is the increased diameter step up that occurs on the crankshaft right before the 4 bolt mating...
  14. MB165

    3/4" max torque clutch F/S

    this is a almost new max torque clutch. It was installed on a sod cutter and tested behind the shop, once we figured out it had a bad gearbox it went back into the parts room and has sat there for the last ten years. 3/4" shaft, #41/410 chain $35 obo shipped anywhere in the lower 48...
  15. oldrelics

    Where can I get a brake band for a 3 3/4" clutch?

    Where can I get a brake band for a 3 3/4" clutch? I have a vintage Comet clutch that measures 3 3/4".
  16. M

    3/4" Clutch and Tecumseh OHH50 Air Filter Assembly

    The title says it all. Trying to find a cheap clutch and Tecumseh air filter before I buy from the store or order online. Thanks.
  17. markus

    Comet "tc88" driver 3/4" shaft

    Comet TC88 clutch driver for 3/4" shaft. Just cleaned and inspected it, looks good no grooving or visible damage, just some light pits on the face from age. 1/"2 collar/symettrical/3/4" crankshaft size $58 shipped
  18. H

    Max Torque 3/4" 12T #35 - $30 Free Shipping

    $30 Free Shipping. Brand new :thumbsup: #35 Chain, 12 Tooth - 3/4" Bore - Go-Kart & Mini bike Clutch
  19. W

    Briggs 3hp 3/4" shaft

    I have this Briggs, but no idea if it runs. Was on my bike when I bought it. $75.00 shipped or partial trade for a HS40 lighted flywheel. I also have H70's, 3/4" shafts email if interested, they are off of snowblowers. Just not sure if there are any interest in these.[
  20. outdoorguy

    Wanted 3/4" GTC 30 Driver

    need a 3/4" GTC 30 Driver, have a 1" driver, new if someone wants a swap. outdoorguy