1. H

    Using parts from other brand bikes?

    I have no clutch cover/gaurd on my K&S that I just got. Is it a mini bike sin, or frowned upon in the mini bike community to use parts from another make? For example, I really like the "TACO" lettering on the old taco clutch covers/chain guards. Would it be just terrible if I used one?
  2. M

    What characteristics define desireable vintage American bikes?

    Hello All, I am new to minibikes and new to this site and love it. As I've been browsing the forums it's not immediately clear to me what are the characteristics of classic/collectible American minibikes that people so love. I just picked up a couple of bike that don't appear to be...
  3. H

    Big Tire mini Bikes?

    New to the site and was wondering how does a big tire mini bike like a super bronc ride through rough rocky trails? I have purchased two chinese 150cc atv's and have worked on them non stop for a month just to be able to ride about 2 hours before something breaks. I was thinking if I can't sell...
  4. G

    Sprocket Mini Bikes?

    I called a guy that had a listing on Craigslist about mini bikes, rare frames, parts, etc. He said he had a Sprocket mini from the early 80's. It is the original red, he said it is his favorite to ride. He also has a Herter's, an old JC Penny's, Bronco, and some others. He doesn't have any...
  5. superflea

    New Murray mini bikes?

    Been seeing these Murray bikes on GL and Ebay. They have a bowed center support frame and appear to be new production. I am trying to find a couple twin bikes for some 9 year olds to reek havoc on so vintage bikes aren't preferred. Does anyone know these bikes as to quality, price, where to...
  6. J

    Anyone here into the pocket bikes?

    Looking for information & web-sites/forums on the various bikes that are coming out of China. How to ID them, which models may be better than others, etc. I have previously avoided them, but have recently decided that they may provide some interesting parts. I'm really looking for a forum...
  7. S

    Do you guys ride your bikes?

    Ok heres the problem, my neighboor and I have been riding our bikes on a regular basis. Hes now cracked two frames, one cheap manco, and one nice lil'Indian Scrambler. We're both large individuals 250# for me 280# for him but we ride in the street or the outfield of a local baseball diamond...
  8. DT400Rider

    What should I ask for these mini bikes?

    I have way too many bikes and projects. I going to post these mini bikes on Craigslist. What would be a good price? If anyone is local and interested, let me know and I can give you more details on the bikes. I am in Folsom CA 95630 1 Balloon Wheel 2. Runner that needs a little TLC...
  9. H

    who likes big tire bikes?

    i dont know why i just love big tire bikes. who else likes them and why? my db 6.5 might be getting 18 inch tires soon.
  10. G

    What are these two bikes?

    First, is this a Zebra or a Taco? 2nd,,, What is this? Both just popped up for $150 but my cup is full so I'm getting picky. :doah: