1. thomas3120

    Some modifications to my Trailmaster Hurricane/Pred. 224cc

    Some mods I've done to my mini bike. Will add more pics tomorrow.
  2. 20190126_074009.jpg


    Some bling bling parts 6602 6270
  3. F

    Billet Rod Wear?

    Anyone have experience with billet rods? I would like to use one in a Tecumseh HS50 for street use I have a concern about rod journal bore wear? Stock cast rods are hard and hold up well as far as wear goes, billet rods tend to be made of softer aluminum possibly prone to wear in continuous high...
  4. MotoMagz

    ARC Ulra lite Billet Flywheel

    I have Less than 30 miles on it. I will trade for a nice straight billet flywheel for a Hemi or Sell this for $100 shipped save ya $30 some bucks...... also I have a motorized bicycle so I don't post a lot here. But I get all my technical info here! Ultra-Light SFI Certified Billet Aluminum...
  5. trinik7597

    Honda gx200/clone billet flywheel and timing bracket

    Ambush racing billet flywheel used once like new and an ambush adjustable timing bracket new with coil $80 each shipped or $150 for both to same location .. can text 845-505-2198 for pics or I will post some in a little while
  6. L

    Heavy duty valvetrain kit, Includes roller rockers, billet adapter plate, molly rods

    These parts are all new, I didn't use them and decided to work on my big block. 2x new chrome molly rods 5.200" these are the length for stock 212cc non-hemi predators without billet lifters 212 Predators (Old Style) 5.200; Stock length $23.98 retail Rocker Arms, 4140 Billet Steel, 1.2 ratio...
  7. L

    Arc billet flywheel and arc billet rod for predator non-hemi new 150$ for both shippd

    Like the title says, I have a new predator non-hemi flywheel part #6652 from ARC racing and a new predator non hemi 3.34 8" billet connecting rod for use with standard pistons or flat top pistons part #6252, these are new never used, but are non-returnable and only selling because I am going to...
  8. F

    Billet Flywheel with Pull-Start

    Hi. New to the board. Does anyone make a 5HP Briggs (Flathead) billet flywheel that can be used with a pull-start? I want to do some mods to improve performance, but I believe all the billet flywheels are set up to be started with a portable starter. Looking forward to comments. T
  9. Dr. Shop Teacher

    LSCustoms Billet Trees and Gilson Grips FS

    Unused pair of LSCustoms' Billet Trees (Fit Yamaha PW80 struts 5/8" head bolt)--$90 + small flat rate box shipping ($7.15). Good condition Gilson grips (some rash on throttle)--$15 + small flat rate box shipping ($7.15). Trees won' t work with Gilson Bosch wheels, so need to let them go.
  10. V

    WTT predator 212 ARC billet flywheel

    Looking to trade a predator billet flywheel for the same flywheel for a gx200. Thanks
  11. trinik7597

    Honda gx200/clone/hemi billet side cover

    Brand new ambush racing side cover fits Honda/clone/hemi $100 shipped . I have 3 and only need 2
  12. OND

    Hemi Head Predator Billet Valve Cover

    Just like the title says billet valve cover for your hemi head predator engine, a little pricey but looks very cool ! Ambush Racing guys are selling them on Ebay. Hemi Billet Valve Cover | eBay
  13. 125ccCrazy

    New ARC gx340, gx390, gx420, gx440 billet rod 4.45" Sell or Trade

    I have a new ARC billet rod +.040 for big block Honda, Clone, Predator...after purchasing the rod and other parts the rod is going to be too long for the piston I have unless the piston is milled so I would prefer to trade for a stock length ARC rod or sell for $125 loss, your gain....
  14. CJdoodlebug90

    Stroker crank... .060 or .175????

    so im looking for a little bit more power(torque) out of my motor. Is it worth it getting a .060 stroker crank? It only turns a 212cc into a 218. Or should i go with a .175 or will that be too much? And how exactly do you balance a stroker crank??? Engine has high lift cam and big race...
  15. L

    Race ready honda clone, black mamba cam, flat top piston, big valve, billet internals

    Black mamba cam Honda flat top piston file fit rings ARC billet flywheel ARC billet rod ARC billet gx200 to gx390 carb adapter GX390 Carb Velocity stack + air filter + choke hold bracket 8mm plug wire champion rockers 1 to 1 ratio chr push rods raceseng guide plate 28.5mm intake...
  16. N

    Tecumseh billet rods?

    I have a hsk50 I am looking to do a mild build on, was wondering if there's anywhere to get a billet rod for it? What about cams?
  17. L

    Race ready honda clone, 308 cam, flat top piston, big valve, billet flywheel+rod+more

    308 cam new honda flat top piston file fit rings arc flywheel 8mm plug wire champion rockers chr push rods raceseng guide plate 28.5mm int 25mm exh valves head milled approx .030 .010 head gasket grade 8 head bolts walbro fuel pump E3 sparkplug 450$ OBO i'll split shipping costs. Generally...
  18. L

    electric start with billet flywheel

    has anyone put electric start on an engine with a billet flywheel? if so what steps did you take? I'm thinking about buying the flywheel starter ring and having it machined to the billet flywheel however I have no idea how or where I can get that done. Just tired of almost pulling my shoulder...
  19. R

    Billet heads

    Three billet cylinder heads, two of which are finless alcohol engine design. The third I believe is for a Blockzilla engine as it definitely does not fit a standard 5-horse Briggs, Raptor or otherwise. $35 each shipped. 23 tooth Quarter Midget sprocket, $20 shipped.
  20. R

    Billet rods and pistons

    ARC 4.226" rod with ultra short skirt piston (approximately 3" diameter with rough measurement): SOLD Unknown billet rod (approximate length 2.535" length) and short skirt piston marked .100 on top: $40 4.5 inch (approximate) Horstman aluminum rod, 1-inch journal two available): $25 Custom...