1. J

    anyone recognize this decal on the Bird???

    Found this (alum?) decal on the Bird frame while scrubbing the crud off in preparation for sandblasting. From what little i can see, i'm thinking that it might be some disclaimer. It's on the front of the motor mount plate. Good to know the original color too. Thanks for any help!!
  2. hotrodricky

    Big Bird fat fender front?

    I believe the fender is a Bird front fender and measures 5 & 3/4 wide by 14 heavy sheet metal. Pics upon request. $30 and shipping looks like $13.50 My OldMiniBikes pics don't seem to be working now.
  3. Woody212

    Sears Super 2 Speed resto

    Bought this basket case last June. I just finished it today and took the first ride!
  4. jwitt

    Todays score

    Every so often I post a "Wanted" ad. on Criegslist. Sometimes it pays off but most times not. Here is what I picked up today. A green Cat with a FUBAR'ed front end. The red one is pretty decent, (Bird?). A Tecumseh edger motor and a GX160 Honda. All for 80 bucks. Jim
  5. relicracing

    American Leisure(?) roller and Bird(?) mini for sale $250 NJ

    ID'd by fellow members, Thanks. The white American Leisure(?) has a rotted front wheel and non original front end but cool mechanical disc rear brake. The black Bird(?) has a Kawasaki motor mounted that turns, but the clutch is locked up. Would prefer to sell/trade 'em as a pair but will...
  6. bikebudy

    BIRD decal set

    28.00 us shipped I also have ONE guard decal as a single , 6.00 US Shipped 2.00 US Discount on each extra decal ordered.
  7. Woody212

    Bird Falcon/Sears Puncher front fender

    I need a chrome or stainless fender that will fit between the fork tubes on my Falcon. I have just under 4 inches between them. I could make anything work with a max width of 4 inches.
  8. J

    A build for a Bird

    Good evening everyone, if you didnt know I love flatheads, and I know you guys will enjoy my latest project, originally I wanted a stock appearing Raptor to beat an animal bird, i had a bored stock carb and obtained my goal, this year i figured we could let the beast breathe, only missing two...
  9. lostinbaja

    JC Pennys / Bird Engine Selection?

    I'm finally starting work on my JC Penny ElTigre. I wanted one when I was a kid and never got one, so I picked one up last summer only 48 years later.:thumbsup: I remember that they had a Tecumseh engine so I installed a Tec HS50. No that the engine is installed, once I sat on the bike and...
  10. R

    just bought a project bird nighthawk

    Hi- just picked up roller nighthawk. probably a long term project but sure i will be looking for help and parts. anyone have a seat for it? - Rich
  11. G

    bird war eagle decals....

    looking for someone to make bird war eagle front fork decals. saw some sample pics here somewhere. thanks Mick
  12. G

    bird wren info wanted:

    hi,just picked up a late 60's bird wren, what would be the correct engine? it currently has an older 2 1/2 briggs. also has plate between forks.what decal would belong on this? chain guard? I think its a penneys foremost ,I have a runabout & it doesn't have the plate. I'm thinkin its a penneys...
  13. O

    Bird Build

    Hello. I'm new to the site, and new to Mini Bikes so work with me here. I have what I believe to be a old Bird Mini Bike that I want to fix up. My intentions are to pull the current motor and put a standard 212cc predator on it. This is my first major project I'm not entirely sure what I'm...
  14. J

    Bird forks wanted

    Like these,I'm in Colorado. Joel
  15. Itype2slo

    Scary Bird

    Gotta love creative people. Shifter bird minibike 80cc
  16. O

    First mini bike-Drover or Bird Duck

    Woot Woot!!! I'm an official member now! I picked up my first mini bike today from craigslist. It's either a Sears Drover or Bird Duck, I can't tell which. Seems like I read a post a while back about the front seat attachment being the way to tell for sure. I'll post pics later this...
  17. B

    Hello from Athens, AL!

    Just a quick note to introduce myself and say hello. I'm Eric from Athens, AL. I come seeking knowledge, parts (mostly parts) and advice about karts made by Bird Mini/Engineering/Automotive/Whatever. I have a complete kart already (below) that I need to restore, as well as one that I need to...
  18. Evil Tweety Bird

    Bird scrub brake spring

    Mine went to the evil rust gods, tried making one, that didn't work to well. :no: So anyone have a stock Bird scrub brake spring? Looks like this. Thanks, Brad
  19. Evil Tweety Bird

    The Evil Tweety Bird

    I posted in the General forum my story and how I ended up here, so I'll just move on to the meat of the rebuild. So begins the story of the Evil Tweety Bird. Managed to pick up a Bird Thunderbird, for free.:thumbsup: "Just needs a motor" Okay, that and a ground up restoration.:scared...
  20. Evil Tweety Bird

    The Evil Tweety Bird

    First post, spent the last couple of days reading all I could find to get an idea of what I've gotten myself into. Long story short. My son and I road race, just got back from Road Atlanta, and 4 days walking everywhere. I decided we needed a pit bike. Looked at Craig's list, and talked to...