1. leafvillage

    Minibike find at Flea Market

    This past Sunday I found a minibike it is a Blitz frame with a Honda GX110 3.5 HP but missing a few things. I just noticed I forgot to take a pic of the chain side. I measured it so I think it takes a 3/4" centrifugal clutch. I am looking for help from the members on what parts to order for it...
  2. J

    Baja Blitz w/ 6.5 and Stage 1 Kit - What's next.

    Well I finally got the bike done(so far) with the 6.5 hemi predator, HRMB engine plate/hardware/clutch/chain kit, and OldMiniBikes Stage 1 Kit. Gets up goes quickly, can launch on my Kawasaki KD100M and get a healthy head start before it gets passed on the top end. This thing is a blast. Throttle...
  3. J

    6.5 Predator(#60363) swap on old Baja Blitz, have questions.

    Picked up an old and completely stock Baja Blitz out a field on some property my parents bought and it was missing right grip/throttle/throttle cable, had a seized clutch and chain, and the caliper was beyond repair. I got it running as-is with a little elbow grease and PB Blaster but it...
  4. aranhawaii

    Pair of Baja Blitz - Bikes #3 and 4

    Having completed bike #2, the Baja Racer, I got a pair of Baja Blitz bikes today from someone here in Oregon off CL. Is there a difference between the Baja Racer and the Baja Blitz? It doesn't look like it at a glance. :confused: Gonna call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat.
  5. B

    Blitz Kart WTB

    Guys, Anyone out there have a Blitz or Outlaw kart they want to sell? PM me if you do. Thanks Brian
  6. T

    WTB 1960's BUG or Blitz go kart project

    Looking for a 1960's vintage BUG or BLITZ go kart project. my father had one as a kid and would like to relive his youth. thanks JIM
  7. T

    blitz pioneer

    it was gunna cost too much to fix the tecumseh,so i pushed the blitz out of the shop and ignored it for a few months.last week i traded for a nice honda gx200,so i pushed the blitz back in the shop.with the golf cart wheels and the boat cushion seat this thing is a true hardtail.worst thing i...
  8. B

    blitz gets only 1/2 throttle unless throttle at carb is moved by hand please help.

    ok i have a stock db30. everything is hooked up correctly, i have good compression, the carb is set to initial factory settings. it will only rev up at have choke but idles fine at full choke when cold and will idle back down correctly when at half choke once warmed up. DONT ANSWER IF YOU DID...
  9. T

    pioneer blitz

    i just got a pioneer blitz with a tecumseh hm80 and i need some motor help.does this thing have points or just a coll?
  10. butch63

    db blitz air cleaner

    i put this in parts wanted also. hope that's cool. i picked up a used doodle bug blitz. runs good, but missing aircleaner element & outer cover. has backing plate. anyone gonna make an anchor outta there motor & have the a/c assembly they don't need. gonna train the 8 year old grandson on this...
  11. blitz


    db30 blitz
  12. butch63

    doodle bug blitz air cleaner

    i picked up a blitz a week ago. runs great for now. the air cleaner element & outside cover are missing. has the backing plate. anyone have one there gonna make a boat anchor out of & don't need the aircleaner assembly?wanna let the grandson learn on it while we're building another one for him &...
  13. still-a-truckin

    Baja Blitz Minibike

    Baja Blitz with Predator Engine. Newer chain and fairly new pipe, rejet and air filter. Also newer back tire. Seat is good. Grips are good. POS cheap clutch exploded off the shaft so it does need clutch and it still has the original lousy brake system. Can hear run no problem. 325 is the...
  14. butch63

    cl blitz

    chasing this one now . 75.00 obo
  15. T

    Blitz industries "Tracker" 3 WHEELER

    This is my second Blitz , I got rid of my first one a few years back and i am still kicking myself for it but got lucky and found another one .. this one is bare bones so will have a hard time restoring it but its better than nothing .. I also have the old owners manual from my old blitz...
  16. verk182

    Baja Blitz #2

    I have been looking for several months now for another Blitz/Doodlebug and finally found one on craigslist. On the way home from picking it up I just happened to see a Harbor Freight and low and behold I got a clone for $89.99! I can only assume all the crap hanging under the cylinder and...
  17. T

    DB30 / Blitz differences?

    I'm looking to buy a minibike for my 2 kids. There is a Baja Blitz for sale on Craigslist, brand new, for $200. Is a Baja Blitz the same as a DB 30 or are there any differences? Decent price? I figured I'd offer him $180 cash.
  18. B

    stock blitz governor question

    I just pulled the carb of our baja blitz to clean it, ended up removing the vertical arm in the throttle linkage that connects to the carb. After reassembling that vertical arm won't spring back to idle, even though the rest of the throttle linkage snaps back just fine. I am assuming that is...
  19. B

    baja blitz only runs with choke

    I just picked up a baja blitz for my kids. It fires up first pull with choke, idles fine when choke is turned off but as soon as i open the throttle it dies. It will idle and accelerate at half choke but not when the choke is off. I am going to replace the plug and change the oil after work...