1. Not so mini bike

    Cheeftah brake

    Does anyone know what K&H brake caliper is supposed to be on my cheeftah. Bike looks like this. Any help would be great.
  2. Not so mini bike

    Cheeftah found me

    This found me this evening. The lady at the 7-11 next to my house told me her neighbor had some bikes he wanted to sell. She sees me all the time riding my mini bikes so knew I was in to them. I left some of my cards there and she gave one to her neighbor. He texted me and told me to make him an...
  3. Not so mini bike

    Nos chrome gas tank. Cheeftah retek, fox and others

    Nos chrome gas tank. Clean inside and out. Has a small dent on top. $250 plus shipping
  4. cattailhaas

    New to me...Kmart cheeftah

    I picked this up yesterday. I didn't need another mini, but after researching it I am glad that I bought it. Looks pretty complete other than wrong engine, brake handle, and the rear fender is mounted wrong to clear the briggs. I'm glad I got it so now I have a spot to put that 4 hp clinton I've...
  5. D


    for sale 225.00 not running has HS35 45352M s/n 9037b or could be 90738 magnets on flywheel are loose. tires are shot. location Waterford mi. buyer sets up and pays shipping if needed.
  6. V

    Lomart cheeftah 225 at one time.

    Cheeftah 225 roller, nothings original but the frame and forks. Predator or tecumseh engine fits this frame had both on it in the duel set of mounting slots.125 dollars located in edison nj 08820 pickup only .
  7. 1stBxMopar

    Cheeftah Clutch Cover

    Looking for a Cheeftah clutch cover like this one....
  8. CarPlayLB

    Lomart Cheeftah mag wheel sprocket/adapter

    I just bought some Lomart Cheeftah mag wheels and need to mount a sprocket to it. I am not familiar with these, but I'd like to run a rear brake too! Looking for a 60 tooth, 35 chain sprocket...whatcha got? Cash, PayPal, trades, postage stamps...let me know what ya need!
  9. B

    1968 Cheeftah MB1000

    Very nice original Cheeftah. I was told it could be a 1967 or '68. Bought off the original owner. 3.5 HP Clinton. Never serviced. I just kept it the way I bought it. I never started it. Has spark and compression. Tank is clean. I was told it might even have original oil. Has original paperwork...
  10. B

    WTB Cheeftah fender

    Looking for a Cheeftah fender. If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks.
  11. B

    Cheeftah are these the correct fenders?

    I just got this cheeftah and I noticed that the fenders seem to be indented on the sides, looks factory but don't know why? Both front and rear are the same way
  12. B

    Cheeftah 1300 I need a good pic of the fork badge

    Hello I'm looking to see if anyone has a good image of the cheeftah 1300 front fork badge to have it recreated. Looking for one like this. Thanks.
  13. Not so mini bike

    Cheeftah go kart?

    It has all 4 cheeftah/ lomart mags
  14. theredlineboss

    Ruttman Forks & Cheeftah wheels

    I'm making a few upgrades to my Ruttman washer, including a pair of Cheeftah wheels. Unfortunately, the front forks are a bit on the narrow side, as the tire has roughly 1/8" of space on each side. It also hits the fender mount, so it's not a real good fit. Here's a pic of the bike: So...
  15. trinik7597

    lomart cheeftah wheels

    nice set of lomart cheeftah 6" wheels with sprocket $120 shipped :thumbsup: image is just so you know what they look like
  16. bikerboybenny8

    cheeftah fender

    powdercoated black... 20$ + shipping
  17. trinik7597

    Cheeftah part out

    Nice set of fenders $70 shipped Original chain tensioner $35 shipped Original face plate $50 shipped Original axles and all spacers washers and bolts $40 shipped in very good shape Sure I am missing some stuff !! Pm and I can text pics Thanks OldMiniBikes
  18. trinik7597

    lomart cheeftah mags

    really nice set of lomart wheels with sprocket and brake $165 shipped :thumbsup: pm for pics and i can text or email
  19. trinik7597

    cheeftah 225 time capsule

    this bike is a perfect candidate for a complete restoration :thumbsup: has og wheels , brake , fenders , front plate , seat , clinton motor , kick stand etc. the only things missing to make this 100% original is clutch guard , throttle and clinton tank and i may have a throttle :thumbsup: if you...
  20. cheeftah seat

    cheeftah seat

    cheeftah seat repair