1. M

    Comet 30 series clutch(driver unit)

    Hey guys I've got a comet clutch that's just sitting around in my garage. I bought it as a spare but I have no need for it anymore. This is for just the driver unit. I'm asking $60 shipped. This is not a reproduction comet,this is a real deal comet. Thanks for looking!!
  2. P

    Comet TC88 driven

    Looking for a Comet 7 inch TC88 driven pulley. Robert
  3. bullseye670

    Will a comet 30 be adequate ?

    So I'm building a new predator engine for my boonie bike. I'm a bit torn on the torque convertor as I want one that will hold up. The motor has an aftermarket intake, exhaust, SFI certed billet aluminum flywheel and a cam/springs. I'm just looking for some input on this, will the 30 hold or...
  4. trailramdan

    comet lube alternatives?

    I need to clean and relube my driven is there a different type of lube i can use for this?
  5. M

    Comet #20 Series Set-up, Azusa Drum Brake Set

    The torque converter has been SOLD. The brake drums have 1 hr. use. $40.00 shipped {lower 48}. Ck. or M/O fine. Add 3% for PayPal.
  6. Timmahhhhh

    Comet SCS400 Questions

    Does the Comet SCS400 with a 1" bore have any set screws in them? If not,how would the clutch be secured on the shaft? Thanks for any info.
  7. tundrabeagle3

    comet tav2 30 series

    I am selling my Comet tav2 with a 10 tooth #41 sprocket that I just bought and hardly used it. It has about 3 hours of use on it has a rib cut on the backplate to allow it to fit a gx200 engine or other ohv engine. It comes complete with mounting hardware, tav2 cover , manual , and a did 420...
  8. tundrabeagle3

    comet tav2 issues

    I just tried my mini bike with a comet tav2 and it feels like I lost alot of top end and the motor does not rev up as high anymore. It picks up the front end a little on flat ground, and when going up hill on dirt it easily wheelies. Is there any way to increase my top end to make it rev up to...
  9. Cornishrooster

    Comet TAV2

    Everything looks newish even the belt. Asking $100 plus shipping Cheers Mike
  10. B

    Comet series 20 or salsbery 330 driver 3/4 bore.

    Title says it all, must be willing to ship to canada! Thanks
  11. trailramdan

    comet question

    this is the set up I have on my super bronc the guy I got it from had 1/2 wide belt on it...I tried a 5/8 wide it seemed to have more torque but its to long...according to ron Kimball super broncs should run 3/4 wide belts.. am I able to with these clutches are you pros may know is this an...
  12. big"D"®

    Buiding a 2 speed clutch If you have ever ridden a mini bike with a 2 speed clutch, you know how exhilarating it is. There is just something about that feeling of when it shifts into that second gear. Torque converters are great...
  13. F

    WTB Comet Clutch cover

    I have a mtd trail flite I need a clutch cover for anyone have one they want to get rid of?
  14. Paticus

    Comet Backplate Mounting Bracket with Belt

    NEVER USED. TAV Torq a verter Backplate WITH Belt for 6" driven. I also have 2 jack shafts if you need them. Here is a link for the backplate 218525A - TAV Mounting Bracket with bearings & spacers | Go Kart & Mini Bike Parts | MFG Supply $60 OBO for the backplate, Belt, bearings, and...
  15. Marlinmate

    COMET TAV2 vs. CLONE Engine

    Yo fellas. Got my brand new NR Racing 6.5 Clone in the mail and minutes later the other delivery guy came with my brand new Comet TAV2 Clutch. :helpsmilie: So i hurry out to the garage to begin assembly and then realize that I don't think these 2 are compatible. :doah: Am i crazy or...
  16. JesseWulf

    Comet 40 Series Torque Converter

    Comet 40 Series Torque Converter. The following parts are for Sale, they are New and have Never been used. I originally purchased them for David and my Super Powell Project. Please PM any questions or if your interested in purchasing a part. Comet Model 44C Magnum Drive Clutch 3/4" Bore...
  17. minibikin'

    Original Comet TAV30 setup

    Got this on a bike I'm parting. Thought someone may need it for a buildoff project? For starters, I know nothing about its history. Spins free, bushing isn't whooped, backing plate is steel and straight and the cover isn't cracked. This is for a 3/4" keyed engine shaft and the sprocket on the...
  18. Harleyreg

    Heald Bronc VT-5

    To the best of my knowledge, this is a VT-5. I believe the only difference between that and the VT-3 was the original paint color, which appears to be red, underneath. I bought this with the intention of restoring it but I guess I did the same thing with a bunch of other bikes and have decided...
  19. markus

    comet 30 series 3/4" driver for 1" swap?

    Working on putting a bike together, Pulled the motor off the shelf that I had planned to use and realized its a 1" shaft :doah: If you got a 1" driver and would like a 3/4" instead let me know! Mine is a Genuine comet 30 series 3/4" in working order.
  20. Mac

    Comet 2-speed 2nd gear (Clutch) NOS

    New Old Stock Comet second gear clutch. Nice part it you already have the rest of the parts to complete a two-speed jackshaft. Private Message (PM) me if interested. $80.00 Delivered.