1. Rear axle/support assembly

    Rear axle/support assembly

    This is the design of the rear axle/support assembly. This will bolt to the 6" rim and has supports for both a sprocket and a rear disc brake.
  2. K

    sprocket disc brake caliper

    ebay has a rear disc caliper that uses the sporcket for the disc. but i dont use ebay. anyone know of any place besides ebay to get 1 like that. please post a link
  3. C

    Is there an aftermarket disc option for Fox trailbug?

    Hello, Looking to find a suitable disc brake for my trailbug. The first pic shows an original set up I'd like to mimic, the second pic is my frame that has the factory welded tab mount. Since original caliper set ups are impossible to find is there an alternative someone has used to restore...
  4. kyle moody

    lil indian disc brake spot brake

    in search of please call 317 340 5953 or just reply here thanks
  5. motomonster212cc

    ARCO Colt seat, disc brake, and front decal...

    Hello Everyone, As the title says, I'm looking for an Alexander Reynolds (ARCO) Colt seat, disc brake and front decal. If you have ANY of these, please PM me. Thanks for your time and help, Lyle

    Disc brake comversion

    I have a Baja Warrior with the terrible drum rear brake. A friend and myself are going to build 2 of them for the build off with 420cc Predators. We want to convert them to Disc brakes. The drum is a welded part of the wheel. I am thinking that welding a plate onto the edge of the drum and then...
  7. P

    Mechanical disc brakes

    I've been studying brake calipers, and have come to the conclusion that there is a lot of friction lost between the actuation and the real friction it take to stop. A percentage mechanical advantage (leverage) is lost by the friction of all of the resistance in the cams and the levers binding...
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Lil Indian-correct Disc Brake caliper

    Looking for one for upcoming build-off. I know there's one on eBay but seller swapmeetman has milked me pretty dry lately. Anybody have one and willing to part with for a fair price? Thanks!
  9. gumpit

    Trikes with dual disc brakes

    Now that I have put on the big block,added another 20 pounds of gussets and weigh 350 pounds. I think its time to put on dual rear disc brakes on my racing Montgomery Ward T555. I think I want to go hydraulic. But has anyone used mechanical on their trikes? Any success? What diameter discs are...
  10. da0023

    68 Rupp Disc Brake Caliper

    Greetings, Do any of you members have a Disc Brake Caliper from a 68' Series Rupp you would be willing to part with? The C-350 I am rebuilding has a busted caliper and the activating side is missing a substantial chunk from the casting. If there aren't any replacement parts...
  11. da0023

    Rupp Disc Brake Help

    Does anyone have a pic/drawing on what the return spring looks like & where it mounts on the rear disc brake on a Rupp C-350? The foot brake activates fine & the pads have good engagement, but you have to manually raise the foot lever to disengage. I dissambled the brake assembly tonight & I...
  12. danford1

    Adding rear disc brakes instead of drum to a Cat.

    I have an old Cat minibike (not sure which model). It has a rear drum brake that doesn't work very good. I want to add a disc brake to it. I saw a kit on Ebay that uses the rear chain sprocket for the rotor. It is item number 131305930796. Has anyone used this kit before? Is it any good? I...
  13. L

    WTB pocket bike front tire with disc brake

    Looking for a pocket bike front tire with disc brake attached, thank you.
  14. capguncowboy

    Rupp Disc Brake Caliper arm for a foot brake

    I need a foot-brake operated caliper arm like the one pictured (left side). The standard arm won't work. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  15. trinik7597

    tomar disc clutch

    tomar 2 disc clutch 12 tooth #35 pitch 3/4 bore $100 shipped
  16. C

    Nos Kelsey Hayes disc brake caliper 220M

    Nos Kelsey Hayes brake caliper in good condition light shelf wear $30 + $7 priority shipping located in Wilkes barre Pa PayPal
  17. Y

    Bully 2 disc 6 spring clutch

    Used bully 2 disc 6 spring clutch with brand new bully steel basket, red springs, and 12 tooth #35 gear. Comes with used 14 tooth gear, all bolt weights, and is in a bully case. $180 shipped in US States OBO. 949-922-8250

    Rare? Maybe? Vintage K & H hydraulic disc brake assembly

    I have seen many styles of K & H rear brake assemblies. Never a vintage hydraulic. They must have mostly used in Karting. The lever is plastic so that can't be vintage. What you think?
  19. jeep4me

    2 Disc Racing Clutch

    Selling a used 2 disc racing clutch. 3/4" bore, 14teeth, #35 chain. Still operational as is. Was on a peppy clone motor I have, but having a lot of issues with the motor now not running. I need some parts for another bike, so I'm selling the clutch. Or buy the parts I need and send them to...
  20. R

    WTB Sears Roper disc brake

    I looking for a sprocket disc brake