1. O

    Now available New Reproduction Bird Sears JC Penney Scrub brake pad Free shipping

    New US made casting of the long discontinued aluminum scrub brake pad for Bird manufactured minibikes, including certain Sears Roper and JC Penney branded models. A very limited number of these pads were produced and thus a limited number is available. Pad is 5" tall and 3" wide. NOT home...
  2. O

    Wanted Sears Puncher Fork and Seat

    Looking for a front fork and seat for a Sears Puncher as pictured. A chain guard would be nice too if you got one. I would also consider a complete bike or roller. I have cash and much Tecumseh to trade.
  3. Sears Drover

    Sears Drover

    Sears Drover
  4. Sears drover

    Sears drover

    Sears drover
  5. james ackerman

    Sears drover foot peg covers?

    Can someone post a picture of what the original foot peg covers that were on a sears drover mini bike looked like.
  6. Thad

    Bird duck Sears drover question

    What is the max engine size and brand that fits this frame? Just hoping something bigger that a 3.5 will fit. Thank you!
  7. RCGuy


    Thought I would throw this out there. A barn find that I brought back to life. Nice running 3.5hp Tecumseh, the model motor it came with originally. New tires, clutch, carb, chain and OldMiniBikes clutch brake. Surprisingly comfy and smooth ride, moves my 250 around ok. Seat shocks are not perfect, but...
  8. RCGuy

    Got my Drover going

    Picked this up last year in a group of barn finds. Neighbor's buddy said he would like it, so I got started. Beekeeper had donated an H35 recently, so on to Ebay for new carb and exhaust. Jeep4me donated a nice air filter and gas tank. What a guy! New tires, chain and OldMiniBikes clutch brake. This mini...
  9. trinik7597

    sears drover /bird parts

    sears clutch guard has a repair but very solid $60 shipped sears /bird seat og in decent usable shape with brackets $45 shipped really nice og grip set 1" $25 shipped more to come :thumbsup: kick stand $35 shipped scrub brake pad in great shape $20 shipped set...
  10. mini one

    Sears Drover

    75.00 what you see here. Local pick up. Just outside Albany NY
  11. Mike T

    Drover/Duck chain cover

    What gauge metal was used for the long chain guard on the Sears Drover? Also is there a source for the cool SR decal that looks like a stylized Atom? Mike T
  12. Mike T

    Sears Drover project

    A few weeks ago I started collecting the last items I needed to complete this Drover frame I have had for a few decades into a running minibike. Last summer I found a Craftsman 3.5 horse side popper that runs excellent and I'm going to use that on this build. I am not going to attempts a 100...
  13. Mike T

    Drover or Duck?

    I am starting to work on this minibike that I have had for decades. It is little more than a frame but pretty solid. I think it's a Sears Drover. The bottom layer of paint is a limey green. I have more pictures if additional detail is needed. I want to stay fairly close to original when I build...
  14. T

    drover roller

    sears drover roller, good shape, askin 100 big bucks for it I can send u pics
  15. motomonster212cc

    "Sears Drover Colors" What years had what colors?

    Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a sears drover (dont worry pictures coming soon, i know, i know :wink:) Anyways, I'm new to the mini bike scene and I got bite by the bug bad. (same way with aircooled vws). I noticed reading through this great forum/website that sears drovers came in...
  16. mini one

    Barn Find Drover with paint job fail

    Sometimes the "I know a guy who likes mini bikes friend of a friend" call pans out. Last year I found a disassembled Sears Drover spread out inside a barn and I mean spread out. Three story barn full of mostly car parts and three nice collectable cars you would never guess were there, and...
  17. Not so mini bike

    Bird/Sears Drover.

    Bird/Sears drover roller for sale. 5" wheels. Scrub brake. Cleaned the paint off of the handle bars and there was some good chrome under there. It is pealing in places on the inside in between if that makes sense. Seat is original but poorly fixed with duck tape. So I will be adding another...
  18. Drover


  19. Drover


  20. Drover


    Early 60's