1. Aircooled

    hydraulic brake kit for Motovox MBX10

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I last posted, but I haven't lost interest. My question is... I'd like to improve the braking capability on my Motovox bike. The single mechanical brake just don't cut the muster, as most of you already know. I see that Hotrod minibike is out of stock on their...
  2. L

    MCP rear hydraulic brake on doodlebug

    Has anyone run a mcp rear hydraulic brake on a doodlebug or have any pictures of a person that has? I'm trying to run a mcp brake with the stock disc and re-weld a bracket, just wanted to brainstorm some ideas off other members on this forum that have done anything similar, thanks.
  3. L

    promod front brake kit - bolt one kit for hydraulic brake for doodlebugs

    50$ shipped. comes with everything you need and the correct spacers. how it looks installed on doodlebugs img hostingcertificity.com
  4. R

    Disassembly of Ceriani Hydraulic Shock

    This post is about how I disassembled some Ceriani hydraulic shocks. The article on the Steens webpage by Mac is about the disassembly of the non-hydraulic Ceriani shocks which shared the same Taco H-032 part number as the hydraulic shocks, but were a different model. In his article Mac says it...
  5. L

    Front hydraulic brake kit for doodlebug

    I know there are front brake kits for doodlebugs because I had one before... I think it was called ProMod front brake kit or something.. can't find them online.. anyone know what I'm talking about? I had them on my old mini forgot how I came across them, but they look like this...
  6. mini one

    Adjustable hydraulic Shock Source ?

    I've got a message in to OldMiniBikes since I don't see any listed online, which is where I would go first, unless anyone has a pair or could shed some light on some ATV/pit bike/MX/Fox etc ones that would be usable on a Mini bike? (12"-14" or so?) Thanks for any help, PS I know they are way more $ than...
  7. L

    hydraulic brake lot sale - cheap

    50$ takes all shipping is included, - the promod front hydraulic brake kit is about the price of this, but sold my mini's don't need these extra parts 1x 36 inch hydraulic line with caliper - perfect condition - comes with promod front hydraulic brake mounting kit - fits all doodlebugs+ more...
  8. Shawnster

    RTS Hydraulic Brake Caliper Source

    Hello all, I was looking for some compatible hydraulic brake calipers for my RTS-SL and I found a source for the pretty much the exact same ones that RT21 Trading sells for half of the price! Here is the link for the 20 Series Tolomatic Hydraulic Disc Brake H20 Series brake Link for the 10...
  9. M

    Hydraulic Brake Problem

    I bought a hydraulic disk brake assembly on eBay for $45. I know the brake is supposed to float but it twists inward when applying the brake. I had a mechanical doodle bug brake before and it didn't do that? But the other day I braked to a stop and then when I started going again I felt a...
  10. Danny01

    Hydraulic brake pads??

    Okay so a couple days ago I installed a hydraulic brake kit. Today I finished my brake pads. Luckily it came with an extra pair. Now what I want to know is should I just buy replacements or heavy duty copper pads?

    Rare? Maybe? Vintage K & H hydraulic disc brake assembly

    I have seen many styles of K & H rear brake assemblies. Never a vintage hydraulic. They must have mostly used in Karting. The lever is plastic so that can't be vintage. What you think?
  12. Valocalrep

    Hydraulic Doodle brake

    Looking for a Hydraulic Doodle brake setup (lever line and caliper) figured i would check here before i just order new from HRMB
  13. T

    Hydraulic brakes

    I purchased a new hydraulic brake system For my DB-30. This is my first experience with disc brakes . My other mini bike has a scrub. So I'm messing around with it today in the garage just to see that the fit was correct, I need to have the bike strip down for welding and painting . I noticed...
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Hydraulic Sebac's?

    What is this little valve on this Sebac shock? Is it a bleed for air? Or are some of these shocks hydraulic? Why would only one be? The other one didnt have the valve. I took these off an MTD Trail Flite when i found some NOS ones last year. Now im going through my junk pile looking for...
  15. cpu77

    I bought a Hydraulic brake setup from HotRodMiniBikes But not sure how it goes on?

    I got my hydro brake in the mail but it had come apart. For the life of me I can not figure out how it goes together! I feel stupid posting this! Does anyone have pics of one assembled? What are the plastic pieces for?
  16. Valocalrep

    Hydraulic Brake Setup

    Hey guys and gals i figured i would check here before i Order from HRMB. Does anyone have a Hydraulic brake setup for the Old Stype DB they wanna sell for cheap? Thanks for the help everyone.
  17. Agombie

    PMR Hydraulic Brake is busted after 1 week.

    I purchased the PMR hydraulic brake about 2 weeks ago. I got about a week of use out of it and it has now locked up. I had to pry it apart with a screw driver. With it off of the brake disc it no longer pushes its self back and just clamps shut. How do you fix this. Im kind of irritated because...
  18. M

    Replacing the hydraulic caliper

    Hi, my HRMB hydraulic caliper failed today. It looks like I can get away with just a new caliper which includes new brake pads for $27+s/h. To replace the caliper.. I'm guessing i just need to unscrew the gold bolt going from the brake line to the caliper... then fill with new fluid and...
  19. RCGuy

    Barn find DB30

    Picked up in my last barn crawl. Ditched the 97cc putzmotor for a Predator 212 hemi and OldMiniBikes chinese TAV. It's a bit tight fit, but it can be done. Goes like you know what, but won't stop. Got the hydraulic rear brake kit on the way. This is as far as it goes for now, will totally redo in the...
  20. Commonrail

    Hydraulic brake failure.

    Apparently I found the limits to the hydraulic rear disc brake upgrade this morning. It ripped and broke smooth off the bracket sending me down a small ditch. So who sells one that has bolts larger than tooth picks?