1. B

    Need info on heathkit boonie bikes

    I am wondering if you could help me out with some info I need to help me fix my boonie I just picked up. I like the look of it the way it is so I don't really plan on cleaning it up much and want to keep the 'patina' look. What engines were offered with the boonie bikes? this one is a 4 hp...
  2. markus

    tecumseh Motorsports cam for the OHH #37536k any info?

    Anyone have any info on the Motorsports cam they used in the small OHV engines? #37536k Was it anything special or just a steel, most likely non comp release, to replace the stock composite cams....or did it have a little "spring in its step" :laugh:
  3. Studeman68

    NORAM clutched reduction gear box- any info?

    I know these were used in some karting applications, but I cant seem to find any other info on it.. Anyone familiar with or ever used one? I'm thinking I may be able to use this on an upcoming project where space may be tight.. link is below.. Thanks... NEW NORAM REDUCTION GEARBOX 3.63"...
  4. J

    info on hubs

    Forgive me if I missed a thread on hubs, I been looking and doing searches, but nothing so far. Some questions I have include, are the one piece wheel/hub for the front durable enough for a heavy "Tote Gote" type bike? I will be putting wide tires and wheels but can not seem to find wide enough...
  5. danford1

    Ruttman Wild Goose info request

    I recently bought a Ruttman Wild Goose 250. I was doing some research and found some brochure pictures. I did some screen prints from the computer on them. They have conflicting info. Could the discrepancy's be from different years? The differences is in Wheel and Tire size and gearing (Along...
  6. S

    Skat kitty info?

    New to the forum and trying to get info on my skat kitty. I've seen here that there are different models etc. How to tell which is which. Kitty has some parts missing but not many. Has # 1097. Any info or help is appreciated.
  7. markus

    McCulloch MC-6 info sources

    Going to start loosely searching for an MC-6, It was an available option for something I am working on and I think would be neat to have for it. Not sure I can swing purchase of one right off, gotta probably sell off My Power Products or some Tecumseh stuff off first to afford it but hoping to...
  8. danford1

    MTD Trail Flite info needed

    I bought a pretty complete MTD Trail Flite yesterday. I'm trying to figure what year it is. The frame has a serial number of 547425, model 368-650 C. The engine says HS40-55393B SER 4270B Any info you have will be appreciated. Thanks Danford1
  9. 1

    Chris Cycle info

    Hey guys, newbie here I came across a Wilie (Chris Cycle) its missing motor,fuel tank,throttle Is it worth the effort to restore, should I part it out ? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. R

    Heathkit Hilltopper parts and info.

    I just picked up a mostly complete bike. I am looking for the front brake and foot pegs if anyone has any available. Thanks, O r any other parts.
  11. 19honda69

    Lost Buyer Info /Trail Blazer 1500

    I had to clean out my PM inbox/sent box and lost the info on the guy who wanted this roller. If you are still interested please resend your contact info.Got called to work out of state and trying to tie up some loose ends.
  12. Y

    info on this piece of awesome? 2 swing arms to dual rear tires?!?
  13. G

    bird wren info wanted:

    hi,just picked up a late 60's bird wren, what would be the correct engine? it currently has an older 2 1/2 briggs. also has plate between forks.what decal would belong on this? chain guard? I think its a penneys foremost ,I have a runabout & it doesn't have the plate. I'm thinkin its a penneys...
  14. james ackerman

    Clinton atb. Has anyone seen these, looking for info.

    Looking for info on this bike I've seen them before and seems like info is kinda scarce. It looks to me like the frame has been cut under where the seat would sit, is this so or would that be how the bike was built?
  15. T

    Bonanza CR 400 410 500 scout info thread

    Could we make this the official Bonanza chopper CR information thread? There is a ton of knowledge and information but Its a bit scattered out. With all the interest in the Bonanza choppers I think if would be a good idea to consolidate the information. It would be really helpful to people...
  16. outcrydrummer

    Looking for info.. Stock Hemi Predator peak hp and tq without governor

    Hi guys just looking for some info on a stock hemi predator. I'm running a racing kart next year in the stock predator class and I'm just curious to if anyone knows stock peak tq and hp rpm's without governor. We are allowed to adjust the governor for up to 5500 rpm ( most of us limit it...
  17. Biffmini

    Baja mini info

    Baja Motorsports | Safety
  18. Rapidrob

    Need help I.D'ing a Kohler engine and service info

    A fellow in my town has to move and I was informed he has many small engines to get rid of. I drove over there and and saw many old single cylinder engines sitting in his lot. I saw a Kohler engine that I knew was an oldie. I asked him what it was and he said the ID plate was missing. The...
  19. P

    New scratch build, need some info

    I have acquired all of the major parts to start my build, and now need some info about frames sizes. My goal is to essentially clone a 70-74" Rupp bike with the motor cycle style frame, but the problem is I have no sample available for me to examine. Although it won't be a carbon copy, I would...
  20. F

    Info on this bike? ,,

    How rare is this bansee?[ATTACH=CONFIG]