Hillcat Style tandem scratch build Jeep2003 Open Class

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Heres my main entry for the 2012 BBO . I made the frame last winter completly from scratch as well as the trail-tamer style forks. As you can see the frame has springs incorporated into it which presented its own set of challenges. The hard part still come lies in the rear end. It will be a tandem pivoting setup like the uber-rare hillcat bikes. My setup will be clutch driven with a band brake on the clutch. Lots of thought has been put into it already so now I just need to build it. Ill be using the block from the white briggs but with the blower shroud from the red one because its embossed and looks cooler. With a little upfixin and the right gearing it should have plenty of power to take me where i wanna go :thumbsup: Ignore the tec im pretty sure im not going to be using it here..

thanks ! That one is junk kk i should have let it go. I have the small wheel barrow tire in front im probrobly going to run . but i also have a set of fat goodyears that match the smaller ones im going to run on the rear. id hate to break up the set though to run one in the front like the original hillcat. Especially since i kinda have a plan for them on another bike. So im going to size the front end for the larger tire then if i find one ill probrobly use it.
crazy frame...so it pivots at the front footpegs to allow the rear suspension to work ...? :blink:
yup. i had to make the frame really strong so it doesnt flex like crazy especially around the neck. So most of it is double walled bends from tiller handlebars. the 6" or so below the neck is solid bar from a car sway bar. Its only a few pounds more than a regular frame and its nice and strong
got the swingarm arms i guess youd call it made up for the back. Lots of drilling holes for the adjustable live axles. also got the engine stripped down and started to clean it up.
Iv also tied the two side plates tocether in the center to keep them paralell. Also i thought of a cool idea. I can make a stop so that i can raise it up in a wheelie and ride it like that all day long haha.

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thanks bud :smile: I may be jumping the gun a bit but im thinking about a rear rack. Trying to think of a design that looks old and like its suposed to be there. perhaps with flat bar or round rod. or both
Yea its gonna be a tough vote and tight race for sure. Lotta really cool custom stuff people are whipping up. Certainly more than I expected but thats a good thing. We'll see how it goes :smile: Ill just have to step up my game next time :laugh:
yup making good progress. no pics yet. i got the engine all stripped down and ported valves adjusted and even got a first coat of paint on the block. still gotta strip down the shroud tank and carb. I got the front shock mounts in place and welded on and a front fender in place. its from a cheeftah. i also got the framework for the front rack made up and in place. Its real busy looking up front right now. i hope it turns out looking right. the back end is pretty much mocked up. just gotta finish welding the sprockets to the hubs and make sure evrything will align proper. And i started the rear fender from scratch to match the front one. Im still kind of undecided on these fenders. i like fenders to keep some of the mud off but i dont want them to end up making it look lame. i dont think ill be able to decide what stays and what goes until i see it all together. Im going with metallic black on the engine and im thinking blue frame but that could change. maby gold wheels and silver racks . I got some rear foot pegs from a motorcycle at the junk yard that will go nice. I want some older looking grips but if i cant find anything for the 1" bars i may cut the right side off so i can use a 7/8 twist and 1" grips on both sides :shrug: that might be weird i dunno