1. Thecatmilton

    Engine and Rim painting Honda Z50

    Does anybody know how to get that nice silvery aluminum stock paint color on a Honda z50? :shrug:
  2. P

    Bonanza tank paint

    Does anyone know the correct shade of white for the gas tank on a Bonanza 1500?
  3. KustomKartKid

    The "Silver Paint " Tecumseh Question

    I was thinking the other night I've never seen a silver painted Tecumseh with a tank attached to it....they're alway on a remote tank bike like this MTD...RUPP Roadster, etc...always an H35 or HS40...always have the mini bike style throttle, aluminum flywheel, curved top shroud.... I...
  4. 45t

    What to use to get paint off a tire?

    I got a tire coming to me that has some paint on it (thanks to slywilliez for helping me out with the hard to find size). How do I get the paint off without damaging the rubber? Is there something out there that works well? Any assitance anyone can lend will be appreciated.
  5. markus

    getting paint off a plastic tank?

    If got a Tec tank I want to use, its got some spraypaint on it here and there any tips on what I can use to get it off with minimal to no scratching or damage to the plastic? It has some fade on the other side of it so I plan to use "forever black" like I did on another tank I had...
  6. snooka

    Needs some paint

    Very fast!!! just about ready for some paint...
  7. minichoper

    taco with new paint

    I blasted and painted my taco. Ill be paint matching the briggs aswell. I wanted a "different" look so i experimented. Base coat clear coat. Now i think i need chrome springs. Let me know what you guys think. I may enter the build off to:confused:
  8. jujupope

    Paint Project(almost) Done!

    I simi finished up engine mods and a paint job. I think I need to clear coat, and the wheels need to be painted (yellow??), but I'm simi satisfied, I think. I'm just tired of paint for the moment!...:blink: Still got the old 6.5 in it with re-jetted carb and new header from Brad at PMR. Runs...
  9. M

    Stripping Paint off Mini Bike

    What is the fastest and easiest way to strip decades old and numerous layers of paint off of a mini bike frame? Would using a stripper you paint on work best? I'm just going to do a rattle-can paint job on the bike so it does not have to be perfect. Thanks!
  10. Timmahhhhh

    Painting The Grand Prix

    I was thinking of painting my Grand Prix Deluxe a different color. I am just looking for opinions on that,because the bike still has its original paint job. Would that be sacreligious to change the original paint? As you can see,it's not really in bad shape. The front decal is starting to peel...
  11. V

    What Color Should I Paint My Bike????

    Hey guys I'm trying to decide what color/s to paint my drag bike! Need ya'lls help. Ya'll tell me what you think!
  12. trailramdan

    looking for a grey mettalic paint

    I think we are going to paint the pedal car frame a dark gray metallic. Anyone know of a good shade they have used? We are going to rattle the frame. And dont want a light silver. Send some suggestions my way!
  13. markus

    Neat paint trick for 6" wheels

    So I am working on some cat/penney's duster chopper wheels. They have the silver paint line along the outside edge with black centers and chrome stars. I got them clenaed and prepped and painted black. in order to do the silver outer I need a clean line and the inside has to be covered so no...
  14. P

    Engine paint

    Hey can I use heavy duty enamel spray paint to pant the engine or do I have to get the expensive high heat paint? Thanks
  15. bbierschenk

    Brutecycle project: Official start

    I've finally started this project... bought a can of paint and painted the frame.
  16. Peekster

    Paint code needed

    Does any one know the color code for this later Tecumseh.
  17. W

    1971 Arctic Cat Whisker paint code

    Does anyone have the paint code for a 71 Arctic Cat Whisker?
  18. 45t

    Stripping paint off an original decal?

    Just picked up another Cat Duster MX and the original fork plate decal is present but painted over. How do I strip the paint off without ruining the decal? Is there any type of paint stripper or other chemical out there that will work for this application?
  19. D

    Paint Question

    I am spraying my Rupp Roadster frame with primer. How much paint would I mix up to shoot it? It is two part epoxy paint and I have one quart plus the activater.
  20. D

    How to fix a gloss paint job with a bug in it

    Ok, so I had these fenders sandblasted, after which I sanded, primed, sanded, primed, etc. until I got them really smooth. Then I started on the gloss black. They were looking great until a dagum bug got in one. I tried to get it out with a toothpick and made it worse. So I sprayed more...