1. J

    foremost golden pinto part's wanted! Decal & Brake

    Hi everyone, I am restoring a foremost golden pinto and am looking for a replacement decal, does anyone know where I may find one or an image of it so that I could print out a water slide decal of my own. I am also needing to get a new scrub brake for the rear. thanks jeff

    the golden pinto gets a new life

    Last year at billetproof I bought a golden pinto rolling frame from Marcus and it sat in my garage ever since then a fellow coworker said that he wanted to build a minibike for his grandson I believe so I sold the golden pinto to him for $60 just what I paid .. well today I got this picture in...
  3. G

    golden pinto

    noobee here, lookin for briggs "chrome fan housing" for briggs 5 hp flathead? found one place,said they are nla....???? re doing my golden pinto! Mick:
  4. leathernun666

    Golden Pinto

    I will never get to this anytime soon , so I am gonna sell it. $150. ( Needs restored), No breaks bends or rewelds. Dont know about the motor, I was told it ran great, but I am not a Briggs fan so I planned on replacing it anyways. I will not ship , but I will bring it to Ann Arbor if paid for...
  5. blkscorpion80

    1974 Golden Pinto w/the original manual

    I have a 1974 Golden Pinto. I bought this bike a while ago, and up to this point all I have done is taken it apart and sanblasted it. The bike does have a small repair on the frame behind the engine plate. Its ready to be painted or put some powder on it. The engine is the original H35. It has...
  6. leathernun666

    Foremost Golden Pinto rear fender

    Need a rear fender for my G.P. These are the bolt on Bird fenders. The Ducks are welded on :thumbsup: Also looking for a chainguard ( wishful thinking):out:
  7. The Restore Kid

    PROUD papa of a Golden Pinto

    Vintage JC Penny mini bike
  8. markus

    Golden Pinto, garage sale find

    Actually kind of fluke as I searched local craigslist for VW (another addiction I have) and a garage sale add popped up that had mini bike in it, and also listed having a regal rocket scooter frame. so I hopped in the truck to check it out and came home with this: Mostly complete...
  9. blkscorpion80

    WTB****JC Penney's Golden Pinto ****WTB

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm looking for a Pinto chain gaurd (hopefully in good condition). Thanks, TIM
  10. blkscorpion80

    JC Penny's Golden Pinto

    JC Penney's Golden Pinto I'm looking for a Pinto chain gaurd (hopefully in good condition). Thanks, TIM
  11. R

    Golden Pinto Rear wheel/sprocket

    Still looking for a 6" rear wheel/sprocket for a Golden Pinto/Bird. Tire is un-important. Thanks
  12. Teep

    Foremost golden pinto shocks-HELP

    Im trying to take apart my golden pinto seat shocks, and i cant figure out how to do it! they dont actuate at all. so i was going to take them apart and clean and lube them up. any help guys????
  13. F

    Foremost Golden Pinto

    Looking for info on Foremost Golden Pintos. Have a frame from a project I did with my grandfather when I was 12 and I know little about them. Thinking about restoring it. Anyone have info on them. When they were made, original motors, etc... etc.
  14. shoe

    Bird Duck Or Golden Pinto

    Looking for a seat with brackets or just the brackets and a brake shoe for the scrub brake , Thanks PM Me with price shipped to 44905 Ohio ,, Inexpensive Please ? :thumbsup:
  15. shoe

    Bird Duck Or Golden Pinto

    I have decided to sell my frame due to it needing so many extra parts , I have bikes that are more complete so they will get finished first , It is the frame only no shocks , seat , wheels and it is missing the scub brake shoe .. I just had it sandblasted last week so it is down to bare metal...
  16. Rawtone

    correct bike seats

    Does anyone have any pics of the correct seats for the Cat 300x and the Golden Pinto? Thanks in advance!!!!!
  17. will72rupp1

    barn find formost golden pinto

    i just picked this formost golden pinto bike up for $50.00 its been painted black at one time but i can see the gold bleeding threw.. the frame is sold & has a good sprocket, i am going too paint it gold again & i would like to get the seat redone,
  18. Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto, Made by Bird Engineering. Branded as Foremost for JC Penneys. This is one of the odd ones with the horizontal rear axle mounts.
  19. Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto, made by Bird Engineering. Sold at Penneys as a Foremost brand
  20. Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto, made by Bird Engineering. Sold by JC Penneys as Foremost brand