1. Hambone

    Fork interchange with Foremost Golden Pinto

    What forks interchange with that old JC Penney's Foremost Golden Pinto? The El Tigre? Anyone used any other brands/models? Looking for some options for my build.
  2. blkscorpion80

    Jc Penney Golden Pinto

    1974 Golden Pinto *NOS Hs40 ( Never had gas in it. still has shipping oil) *Super nice chain guard. Still has the original sticker on great shape) *Stripped/Painted (Charcoal) *New Seat *New brake pad *New grips *I still have the original Owners handbook $550
  3. Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto

    Foremost Golden Pinto Unrestored
  4. Hambone

    Golden Pinto Resto Mod

    I guess it is time to start a build thread.......... Picked. Up this little jewel last weekend as an " almost roller " (missing the front wheel). Paid $50 for it. Immediate plans are to gather parts and formulate a game plan. I am thinking about making this a little rat bike. Picking up (4) old...
  5. Hambone

    Golden Pinto seat dimensions

    Any of you guys have a Golden Pinto that you are working on? I need to get some dimensions of the seat so I can fab something up out of some 1/8" plate and some plywood. I travel up to Easton, Pa. Often to visit my in-laws. Hambone
  6. trailhopper

    Golden Pinto Bean roller

    Pinto Bean is for the color. :thumbsup: I'm putting a 5HP white Briggs on her. Should be here today and I sure hope it fits. :shrug: I started with this. Was going for this color. And ended up with this.
  7. blkscorpion80

    1974 Golden Pinto

    I wanted to start a thread, but never got around to it due to the fact that I work on 30 projects at a time(no one here is a stranger to that). So I just have some before and after shots. At least this way, you dont have to wait to see the finished product. The pics didn't turn out that great...
  8. KustomKartKid

    All Original Bird Engineering Foremost Golden Pinto

    All original Bird Engineering Foremost Golden Pinto Going to sell one of the bikes from my personal “museum” here…. When I say this bike is all original I mean the motor, tank, clutch, seat, tires, cables, clips, grips, levers, shocks, chain, scrub brake, clutch brake, chain guard...
  9. G

    Pictures of my Golden Pinto and Trailhorse.

    Hello, Here are some pictures of my Golden Pinto and Trailhorse that I just got done restoring. Mick
  10. flpmurphy

    golden pinto

    foremost golden pinto mini bike
  11. Harleyreg

    Half & Half?

    This frame sure looks like a Bird - maybe a Falcon or Golden Pinto? But the forks and bars don't seem to match. Any ideas?
  12. G

    golden pinto

    Hi , would like to introduce myself. my name is Mick . I live just north of Pittsburgh pa. I'M 66 goin on 18, I've completed 2 bikes so far,a 72 Golden Pinto,& a Trailhorse...Pics coming! also starting on a roller sears runabout,& an artic cat after that. I started w/my dad building a go cart...
  13. Frank Davis

    Bird Golden Pinto project mini

    This is a project bike sold as pictured...engine not froze up, 150.00 ....This should be picked up, but I will ship at buyers expense (could get expensive to pack it right).
  14. The Restore Kid

    HOLY crap a Pinto Chainguard

    old school minibike Bird engineering
  15. Dan-E-boy

    Golden Pinto "RatBike"

    Hey OldMiniBikes, this thread is for a ratbike build I've been working on the last couple weekends.. I found this golden pinto on Craigslist and it was in pretty rough condition. Worse then I thought it was when I bought it.. at first I wanted to restore it to as close to original as I could. I figured...
  16. stubbymonster

    Golden Pinto Kickstand NEEDED !

    I need a kickstand to finish my bike. Does anyone have a extra one ?:shrug: Its not the center stand type.
  17. smwtnbndr

    '68 XL-350 for Golden Pinto

    I would be willing to entertain offers of trading my Rupp xl-350 1968 for a fully restored Foremost Golden Pinto
  18. YoungGun

    Restored 60's Golden Pinto - NICE BIKE

    Hey guys, I need the money to get some things going in my life, I want this bike to go to a good home that'll treat her well. I restored this bike last year when I found her at a garage sale for 20 bucks. Word from the last owner was a narly biker guy who told me he got it from a Hells...
  19. derekbmn

    Golden Pinto Frame & Forks

    Selling this for the old man. Please look at the pics is rough but very solid. Motor plate, left rear axle tab and triple trees will need work. The elusive kick stand is included. What you see is what you get. $75 shipped !!! Please PM me. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  20. roccosbike

    Golden Pinto

    ****RAER VINTAGE GAS MINI BIKE**** Foremost Golden Pinto