1. R

    Powell challenger roller

    Saw this on Ebay its also a relist didnt sell the first time at $500.00 Vintage 1970's Powell Challenger Rolling Frame Mini Bike Taco Bonanza | eBay
  2. OND

    Powell Driven Bearing Replacement

    Just as the title says, I'm replacing the bearings on my Powell driven. Also I'll add some 1/8'' spacers between the pulley halves so I can use a 3/4'' top width 20 series TAV belt. This is the driven torn apart. This is the main shaft with the old bearings still on it...bearings are a...
  3. OND

    "WTB" Powell Driven

    Anybody got a Powell driven for sale ? Going on a D series Powell . Thanks in advance ond
  4. OND

    Powell Mini Bike Axles

    Powell mini bike axles for sale $10.00 a piece...plus shipping. Also for sale on Ebay.
  5. OND

    Powell Mini Bike Front Wheel

    Powell front wheel , no bearings but in usable condition for sale $40.00 plus shipping. I bought these parts with some others that I needed. Also for sale on Ebay.
  6. OND

    # Powell Project #

    OK....I'm so excited right now about this Powell project....I don't know where to start. But first I have to say Thanks to one of the OldMiniBikes's finest and a very good friend Jason (jdogg) for fixing me up with this Powell 4141D series mini bike. Thank you again Jason ! :bowdown: UPS dropped her...
  7. sam j

    Powell ride video

    https://youtu.be/esvr1w6CWdo OND asked for a ride video of the Powell that I just built. So here is a video of me riding the Powell around the property. Hopefully the link will work, this is my first attempt at linking to a video.
  8. weldkingoc

    Powell steel front rim half

    Steel side of powell challenger front wheel $10 plus shipping PM me for email and i can send pics tomorrow
  9. weldkingoc

    Powell axles

    Good condition, extra pair of powell axles. PM me for email and i will send pics tomorrow $25 plus shipping
  10. The Airman

    Powell model H restore

    Hi all. My first post here although I have been lurking here for years. This site was invaluable for helping me keep my old Rupp going. So it was time to move on, and I bought this Powell H model from a fine gentleman in California. It's serial number is 6057-H. So in my spare time...
  11. sam j

    Powell is finished. Time to ride

    Just finished the Powell and took it out for a ride around the property. What a blast! Now its time to finish the grand kids mini bikes and go kart so that we can do some mini bike barrel racing in the wife's horse arena.
  12. sam j

    Powell Phantom fender brackets

    These are off of the Powell that I am building. I am not going to use them. They are pretty roached but can be saved. You can see somebody welded a fender onto the back bracket, but that can be ground off. Just thought I would see if anybody needed these for their build. $50.00 Let me know
  13. OND

    Powell Clutch Cover

    I know its like a needle in a haystack question, but does anyone have a TC cover like this for sale. :hammer::grind:Is anybody repopping them ? Let me know what you have, and thanks in advance.
  14. sam j

    Powell build

    Working on the Powell while the grandkids are back at home. That way I can focus on their mini bikes and go kart when they are here at the end of June. A buddy of mine gave me a Tecumseh engine off of his old rotor tiller. It looks much better than the modern Honda engine I was going to use. Now...
  15. sam j

    Powell kickstand

    Need a kickstand for a Powell mini bike. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks! Sam
  16. O

    Powell serial #

    Can anyone point me in the right directions? I picked up a Powell yesterday and just curious to find out more about it. The serial number is: 1189-C
  17. OND

    (Wanted) Powell Frame

    I'm looking for a decent Powell frame to modify, doesn't have to be a roller and doesn't have to have forks. PM me with what you've got. Yea I know its like a needle in a hay stack, but got to ask.:laugh: Thanks in advance ond.
  18. sam j

    Powell mini bike questions

    Hello everyone, I just recently found a Powell mini bike to rebuild with my grandkids. I was wondering if there is a way to find any information about it based on it's serial number. Also I was wondering if anyone makes spare parts for these mini bikes. I can fab the parts as needed but if...
  19. CarPlayLB

    Powell driven pulley

    Howdee! Here is a nice Powell driven unit. I believe it is from a model D, but not 100% sure of that. There are some small dents that should be an easy fix. The pic facing the pulley is where is the dent is. It probably could use new bearings. The sprocket has wear, but is definitely useable...
  20. Itype2slo

    Need Powell Phantom Clutch Cover

    I need Powell Phantom style clutch cover. Lets me know. thanks