1. edwin

    looking for a recoil cover for little Honda

    any one have one they would like to sell me for this little motor. it a flathead honda G100.
  2. cxbra

    F***ing recoil starter!

    Who here has taken the spring out of the starter recoil and gotten it back in successfully?? I think we need our own club.. MAAN was that a b****!! My recoil wouldnt go back in without hassle so I figured I'd take it apart, no problem right, wrong! 2 hours and a dented car hood later its in...
  3. C

    McCulloch recoil wanted

    I need a recoil/cover assy. for a Mac 49 M/C. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Ron
  4. L

    Engine Testing Help

    I have a 6hp Tecumseh that came off of a Craftsman tractor which has an electric starter/generator. I was wondering does anybody know of any way to test this engine without using the electric starter and without spending the money on a recoil starter. Heres a photo ...
  5. B

    Coleman 2.40 recoil

    Good afternoon I have a recoil from a coleman 2.40 sach engine I need repaired AGAIN !! Anyone have any ideas where to go to get it fixed or if there is a recoil out there that would fit this engine to make it work.Please email me at Thanks for all your help or if...
  6. jim_himself

    broken recoil starter

    today i finally got my engine working and BAM, the recoil starter broke. I need away to start it, I've seen it done with drills but dont really know how to do it.
  7. Richard W.

    clone recoil

    Any body have an extra recoil starter for a 5.5 Clone (its a yellow engine)?
  8. D

    5 HP flat head B+S recoil starter/blower housing

    Used, recoil in good condition, housing around recoil needs straightening, nothing major. $15.00. From 5 hp B+S flat head horizontal motor, series 13xxx. See my other ads for engines and new mini parts. Drop me a pm if interested. Will post pics soon.
  9. grindking

    need a recoil and air cleaner cover

    lookin for recoil cuz mine cover cracked & who ever had it b4 me took it all apart & lost & bent parts in side so its time to start over also air cleaner cover it the oblong style? & any other hard ware "like wing nut or any special washers, bushings" that go with it also what engin do i got? pm...
  10. S

    Recoil starter repair

    Ok, I'm new here so please forgive the lack of total clarity. I have a Sachs MA50 engine goes on an 1072 Attex 2.4 project bike. the recoil starter appears to be functional, pull rope pulls and recoils back nicely, the spring loaded metallic catches that would press against the starter hub are...
  11. dirt

    tecumseh h35 recoil starter wanted.

    hello i have rebuilt mine , but to keeps pulling out and wont return to the housing .i saw one for $40.00 but .........
  12. H

    WTB: Tecumseh HM80 Pull Start / Recoil assembly

    I need the plastic part for the recoil assembly, the part that the rope actually winds around.. The edges of mine broke off, and I need another one so I can ride or possibly sell my Super Bronc... -John
  13. R

    Recoil help

    I have a TEC H60 with a cast aluminum recoil. After I reassembled the recoil and pull the cord it all works perfectly. I mount it on my motor, give it one pull it works perfectly, when I go for the second pull....nothing...the dog stops coming out. When I take it apart the center screw has...
  14. M

    Need a cheap honda clone recoil, or recoil pulley

    Any one have a used or cheap recoil pulley for a 6.5 clone? Its the part inside the recoil assembly the the rope raps around. Cool site!! thanks
  15. R

    Aluminum housing recoil question

    Does anyone have a parts breakdown or pics of the old Tec aluminum recoils. I have one that seems to work ok...but when I install it it works fine for 4-5 pulls then the dog start slipping then stops working all together. Seems like its aweful sloppy to so I dont think it is assembled right.
  16. boondocks1953

    briggs recoil question

    So I'm working on my tule trooper. Got it started and running fine. Took it for a ride (just up and down the street and around the yard a couple laps). Enough to get it nice and warmed up. So heres the problem. I shut it down and roll it in the garage to tinker and when I try to restart it the...
  17. tomsprops

    Wanted Honda Recoil starter.

    My new gx200 munched the recoil pulley,then proceded to munch the back-up off my gx160 b4 I realize NR had used the wrong pulley ! I need to replace a WHITE pulley (old style) for my gx160 . Thanks Tom .
  18. tomsprops

    Looking for a Clone recoil starter .

    I had a blue clone munch the plastic recoil . I'm looking for another .
  19. miked

    want 9.5hp honda recoil and cup

    have a 9.5hp honda missing the recoil and recoil cup also nut that goes on crank
  20. B

    Coleman 2.40 parts Recoil

    Good afternoon iam hoping someone can direct me to the place or person iam looking for someone to fix a recoil for a coleman 2.40 with the sachs engine i have the recoil needs new pads and the spring repaired.Any help would be great thanks you can contact me at