1. Rupp Wheel Restoration

    Rupp Wheel Restoration

    Chrome plating takes forever and the cost is astronomical. I hate to compromise, but chrome powder coating is a pretty decent option cost just $80.00 for the pair. The hubs were zinc plated, but the plating was bad, so after media blasting, they were painted and clear coated. With new spokes...
  2. Rupp Wheel Restoration

    Rupp Wheel Restoration

    This was the better of two wheels that I found on-line in poor, but restorable condition. re-plating was the plan, but I had to ditch that plan because of cost, quality and timing.
  3. V

    Kg model 200 restoration

    Not a lot of info on this bike I only found one other bike on the internet and it isn't an exact duplicate of my bike. I bought this bike as a frame only. And I'm trying to get some more info on it. Had the frame media blasted and removed the stuck front forks,had to cut the bars off and heat...
  4. O

    Honda QA50 Tank Band Restoration?

    Hi All! New to this forum. I have a couple of KO edition Honda QA50s that I want to make the logo bands around tank like new. Does anyone know of some one who does a good job on these? It seems hard to do and finding NOS ones impossible. Help? Thx!
  5. Carb Rebuild - Roadster 2

    Carb Rebuild - Roadster 2

    Rupp Roadster 2 restoration
  6. Rupp Restoration Project

    Rupp Restoration Project

    Restoration progress on '71 Rupp Roadster 2
  7. Broncco


  8. B

    Looking for professional engine restoration person

    Looking for professional engine restoration person. Looking to have older Tecumseh White engines restored. Anywhere from 3 to 5 hp. Any recommendations? Any help is appreciated.
  9. T

    Any Help Appreciated on Simplex Spitfire Restoration

    Hello everyone. I am new to the group, and this is actually for a friend. She is restoring her husband's Simplex Spitfire Mini for his upcoming birthday in March. Here are a couple pictures of the current state of it. A few of the parts were sent out long ago in failed attempts at...
  10. j57little

    Vintage Class Rupp Roadster Rebuild

    Attached is the photo for this, my 2016 OldMiniBikes Build-off entry. It is trying to be a 1971 Rupp Roadster 2, but that remains to be seen.
  11. Biffmini

    Wanted original White grips & peg covers for TH wizard ss300 restoration!!!

    I'm rounding up parts for a restoration project a Trail Horse wizard ss300 I need original throttle with white grips & foot pegs with original white covers. they can be found on Trail Horse / Trail Blazer & Montgomery ward minis. I know I'm asking for hard to find items... I could sweeten...
  12. CaptNugget

    BGW Tri-Rod restoration thread..

    Hi over the last year I've been slowly able to work on my BGW tri rod so I figured now that I have a little more time and most parts I'd put up a thread. Here are the pics I have so far
  13. j57little

    Vintage Sears Restoration Project

    In 1971 I had a Sears mini bike with "swing mount" rear suspension. I'm thinking about trying to rebuild/restore/recreate it, so the frame is probably the best place to start. Any guidance/leads on a frame would be appreciated. And fenders, seats, cables, decals, etc., etc., etc...
  14. micky7c

    [ADVICE:] Good buy or not? Kawasaki d100 kd80 restoration project?

    Hello everyone, I need some help here with an Ad that seems to be a pretty good deal.. However I have no experience building on any bike like this (I've build predators and smaller engines but never something like this) I'd like to build it up so that its running and rideable, and I don't...
  15. minimotor

    Bonanza Badge Restoration

    Does anyone know who restores Bonanza badges? I thought I saw a post that someone on here restores them.
  16. pick6roger

    1969 Maverick Mini Trail Restoration. It's done

    Been 10 Months since I started this restoration and it's finally done. Hope you 4 stroke guys approve. Roger Vista,ca
  17. Ding Ding

    1971 HS40 restoration -before & after

    The black one on the right. BEFORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AFTER
  18. J

    1972 Rupp Huslter restoration

    Hi all. This is my first attempt at restoring a vintage minibike... I mostly restore old radios and TV's, but these Rupps are so SWEET. I bought this at an auction and now I am addicted. It came with some Chinese motor on it. A 49cc thing. It actually did go pretty good with that motor on...
  19. F

    Bonanza BC1000 MiniBike,Ground Up Restoration,NEW Engine,Clutch,Seat,Etc.

    Bonanza,THE ROLLS ROYCE OF MINI BIKES! Bonanza BC1000 MiniBike Mini Bike,Ground Up Restoration. Refinished in black gloss paint. Jackshaft,Scrub brake. NEW 49 State NEVER lit off in the box,black Tecumseh,Comet clutch,Seat,Throttle cable,Original wheels and tires. Located in The...
  20. Acolytus

    1969 Manco Delta One Chopper progress!

    Today my friend and I assembled my 1969 Manco Delta One chopper! Yeah I did put some scratches on the bike and maybe it's missing a simple washer somewhere, but it's solid and not gonna fall apart. For my first restoration, it's not a bad job for a 17 year old. All it needs is a motor and other...