1. B

    X-90 Restoration Question

    I have been looking at X-90 Rider's restoration photos and they look great. I have a question about powder coating the frame/parts. a) What color black did you use? Is it a semi-gloss? I am not real familiar with powder coating and don't know if there are color options. b) Did people...
  2. Runninlate

    CAT 350ss Clone- 1970 Restoration

    Here's the plan, I decided to build a 1970 CAT 350ss Clone. Could not find a 350ss frame so ya gotta go with what ya got..... In this case I'm using what I believe is a 1972 CAT R3501. It's been painted several times but the base color is "Flam Turquoise Baked Enamel Finish". Before...
  3. drenchedgremlin

    Can someone help me get started on my first taco 22 restoration project?

    as you may know i just came across what is to be a 22 taco mini bike that i happened to purchase for 50 bucks. heres the picture $50 mini bike picture by drenchedgremlin - Photobucket Well this project is gonna take a while until its complete due to a tight budget. but i want to plan...
  4. M

    The ULTIMATE Taco 100 Restoration

    The ULTIMATE Taco 100 Restoration 2 months ago I started what I hope will be the ULTIMATE Taco 100 - Taco Joe let me use his powder coater and, more importantly, his colors, both the purple and the motor dark grey. I bought a chrome side cover. All the original bolts were re zinc plated...
  5. JaymzC

    Super Bronc Restoration

    Was a completely rusty piece of junk and in the middle of working on it!
  6. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza BC 1300 SH Restoration

    I just finished puting this thing together as a roller and It looks really good. I'm hoping to paint the Hodaka this weekend so this bike should be running soon.:thumbsup:
  7. Wolfe

    My Speedway Restoration

    This is what my dad and I started with... This is after we tore it all down. I decided to have it repainted the color of the Speedway Red Baron. I don't have the original gas tank, so I'm using one off of my dad's old mini bike, Speedway Shriek. This is a picture of the frame, it was...
  8. Runninlate

    Rupp Hustler 1972 Restoration

    Rupp Hustler 1972 - Restoration Project Here it is, the beginning of my addiction, a before picture of a 1972 Rupp Hustler. As mentioned above, it all started with a 72 Hustler that I found locally on Craigslist. After driving 60 miles each way it was in the garage ready to come...
  9. turftech 1

    Bonanzo restoration ?????

    Hi all, Happy new year! I acquired an old Bonanza, and I have a question. Some dipstick got red spray paint all over the tires and rims. I'm not worried about getting it off the metal surfaces, but I am wondering if anyone knows of a good way to get paint off the tires without damaging...
  10. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza BC 1300 SH restoration update

    Here is the bike assembled, the Sproket and brake.:thumbsup:
  11. Bonanza Bryan

    Bonanza BC 1300sh Restoration update

    Here is the rest of the frame painted.:thumbsup:
  12. Bonanza Bryan

    Pic's of my Bonanza BC 1300 Sh and Hodaka ACE 100 Restoration

    Here are the pics of my Bc 1300 Sh restoration so far. Will update as progress continues.
  13. W

    Rupp Sprint Restoration Question

    I have been trying to get several parts for my total restoration of a 70's Rupp Sprint Minin Bike (from for several weeks, however they are not answering emails or the phone. Can anyone help me? Are there other options? Also, what color silver was used for the fender and...
  14. C

    My Manco Thunderbird Restoration

    I started out with a stock Manco Thunderbird Minibike that had seen better days. I opted for the Harbor Freight 6.5HP Honda Clone motor to replace the Tecumseh 3.5HP. Everything is stock and will stay stock on the motor. I tore the bike completely down and had it powercoated a satin black...
  15. bayareaburrito

    Tecumseh Metal Fuel Tank Restoration

    This tank came off of an Tecumseh HS40 motor that was on a Powell Challenger. The tank was badly rusted. I could see day light through the tank if I held it up to a light. Needless to say it would not hold Repair was done using a 900W soldering iron and some grinding with a sand...
  16. Skat Kitty waiting for a restoration

    Skat Kitty waiting for a restoration

    Skat Kitty waiting for a restoration
  17. M

    Mini Bike Seat Restoration

    Hey, if anybody out there knows of someone who can do a great job of restoring mini bike seats to their original new condition please contact me. I had a guy start this project for me over a year ago and never finished what he started !! ;-( Needless to say I won't be doing anymore business with...
  18. marksteinhilber

    Taco Super Trail 100 S082 Restoration

    This is the story of a frame off style restoration of a Taco Super Trail 100, frame S082. But first, a little background on why I'm restoring and how my project came to be this model Taco. I restored my childhood Bonanza Cr-400 last summer after it sat about 35 years in my parents garage...
  19. 6

    New pics of Heald VT-3 restoration

    Check out the progress of the VT-3 (photos under "Heald"). It's almost ready!
  20. steven Durham

    Wheel restoration

    Well when you find a mini bike with aluminum wheels that have gone to the gray look and do not shine at all. How is the best way to make them shine. Could you use a rotating drum to use like a shot peening action or glass beading with glass or some other media material . I see even wheel...