1. IMG_0578.JPG


    The chrome plating shop will love me, if I decide to restore.
  2. Not so mini bike

    Rusty gas tank

    Going with a rat like rust rod. I don't want it rotting away but something usable with the 30-40 year old patina. 8"x3" cylinder tank. Like one below just rustyer
  3. K

    Rusty, Crusty Bonanza

    Just got it home. Have not had time to mess with it . It does appear to be an original Hodaka bike. I stood it up on the back wheel could not see any evidence of another engine being mounted . But I did find that the exhaust was full of walnut shells:scared:. Has a couple of previous owner add...
  4. Sh00bs

    Old rusty roller

    Thoughts? I have no idea
  5. AFX Cyclone

    The Rusty Rupp project

    It looks really bad, but it should make a fun project.
  6. catfishman

    rusty wheels

    any way to spruce these wheels up? they are on a ct70. what would be best to brighten the chrome back up, guess i better check for rust on that too. thanks for any suggestions.
  7. birdmanx3

    help with rusty 12" shock springs

    On my 4th bird build now.... I was hoping to get some help with derusting the shocks(springs)? Can these 12"s be broke down so i can soak the springs? Yes 4th bird... I can't help myself, i see those little ape hangers and i have to bring it home.
  8. F

    What is this rusty thing?

    I've been looking around local junkyards trying to get parts for my FreakinHonda and came across this. The guy wants $40 for it and I'm thinking about it because I really like the front wheel with brakes idea for my project...however, if it's a desirable bike, I don't want to cut it up.
  9. minibikin'

    WTB rusty minibike headlight

    Looking for a Bonanza or Trail Horse style minibike headlight in rusty/heavily patina'd condition. PM me with what you have please....:thumbsup::doah:
  10. Not so mini bike

    Salsbury 330 series TC system

    Don't know much about it. Came on a bike I got a while back and I'm not using it. Driven has one of the set screw hole broke spring moves freely. Drive is a little rusty but fingers still move and spring back. Can be taken apart and cleaned. 3/4" drive and 5/8" driven $75 for the set. Plus the...
  11. P

    Benelli Volcano

    Looking for a Benelli Volcano seat also looking for headlight bucket, fenders and exhaust (if not rusty) call me 240-299-0644
  12. P

    Benelli Volcano

    Looking for a Benelli Volcano seat also looking for headlight bucket, fenders and exhaust (if not rusty) call me 240-299-0644
  13. catfishman

    taco 44 on cl

    rusty but good deal mini bike
  14. R

    rusty fenders wanted

    I need a pair of rusty fenders for a minibike project. The rims are like 10" so they can't be too small. I dont mind a few dents or cracks. Even if you only have one thats ok. Just post or send me a pic please. Thanks for looking.
  15. 125ccCrazy

    Wanted: Bonanza front fold up foot pegs

    don't need new ones, a little rusty is ok as long as they are not all bent up...these are for a custom build..
  16. R

    old and rusty.. unknown

    Hi, I tried looking up this one but couldn't find anything.
  17. SimpleTom

    They are rusty but........

    Antique Mini Bikes | eBay
  18. J

    found a super-rare rusty diamond!!

    I was at the local bike salvage yard that is notoriously overpriced to get some china bike parts and ended up negotiating for this. he had a baja warrior with rusty forks, no front wheel, no motor, bent up motor plate, dented fake tank, but good rear wheel and brand new tire... i wanted just the...
  19. oldfatguy

    a rusty arco in jersey

    Vintage Mini bike motorcycle old school not bad for a hundred bucks, that is probably the original engine since they did come with side poopers.
  20. Iron Honky

    Rusty Mtd find

    Think I found the most rusty mini I've seen. What a shame cause this western flyer would of been in good shape before it was forgotten in a field. Still some decent parts to strip off after a PB blast bath hahah