1. E

    Bonanza Scout questions.

    Hi everybody, I've started to tear down the Scout and decided to start with the brakes. My question is are these 5" shoes? I don't see how they couldn't be, but I don't know how they are measured on minibikes. I don't want to buy the incorrect ones. Since I'm staying stock with them, any...
  2. T

    Bonanza CR 400 410 500 scout info thread

    Could we make this the official Bonanza chopper CR information thread? There is a ton of knowledge and information but Its a bit scattered out. With all the interest in the Bonanza choppers I think if would be a good idea to consolidate the information. It would be really helpful to people...
  3. 45t

    Cub Scout Cubmobile racing

    A few of you know already that my son and I are also involved in Cub Scouts. This past weekend my son Logan raced in is final Cubmobile races. He is in fifth grade now and will be aging out of Cub Scouts and cannot race after this year. We have had as much fun building and racing Cubmobile as we...
  4. G

    Bonanza Yoop, Scout MB250, BC1100 Or what???

    I have looked through all 61 pages of Bonanza pictures and on Minidoodle also and cannot pinpoint the exact model. The main frame looks like a Bonanza BC1100 and also looks like a Bonanza Yoop and or a Scout MB250. The front end throws me as if it is a Bonanza or from a different bike. I do...
  5. markus

    Scout Bonanza chainguard wanted

    Looking for a "scout" series chainguard, Not seeing them listed on OldMiniBikes anymore. Like seen here: Thanks for any help :thumbsup:
  6. N

    Wanted: Looking for a manco big cat or trail scout parts. Look here for list

    Im looking for parts for a manco big cat or trail scout parts such as the jack shaft, rear sprocket , throttle, disk brake parts. Please feel free to call or text me at 419-346-5448. Im in northwest ohio.
  7. nds1968

    Rokon Scout

    Not mine.....2008 Rokon Scout motorcycle
  8. Phil1958

    aluminum mig help!!!!

    i finally dragged out the spool gun i bought a few months ago to see how well i can mig aluminum. not so good: blobs, little penetration, not sure where to start. i can mig ferrous metal 'ok', not great, but this welding looks worse than a cub scout den project. obviously i need...
  9. Outlaw Ace

    Bonanza CR500 Scout Chopper

    I am selling this CR500 Scout frame and forks only, frame is without breaks or re-welds. Right foot peg is bent and some of the engine slots were elongated. Forks are slightly bent as are the handlebars but with some press work they can be straightened. No fork bolt. $200 shipped anywhere in...
  10. jeep4me

    Inventory Blowout-----Bonanza Scout

    Bonanza Scout. 3hp Briggs, fired on ether. But have not had it running. Missing a couple pieces of linkage. Foot peg broken off. Engine plate has extra large holes. Still a hard bike to find. Includes #35 chain clutch 5/8" bore. (fits the briggs that's on the bike) Asking $150. Cash, USPS...
  11. Bonanza Scout Chopper Advertisement

    Bonanza Scout Chopper Advertisement

    Bonanza Scout Chopper Advertisement
  12. SaltCoupe

    Bonanza Scout project.

    Went and got this one Wednesday. I've already started on it. Seems to have some clutch issues. Takes off really slow but once you get it wound out it's fine. I.D. tag is missing from the motor plate. Maybe the Bonanza gurus can give me some info such as an approximate year?
  13. trailbronc

    bonanza scout chopper, roller

    i am selling a bonanza scout chopper, it is in fair shape, needs paint, jack shaft assembly, and engine, all the chrome is in good shape, the seat has a tear at the front of it, the tires have good tread, and hold air fine, one of the jack shaft plates was hacked off so i cut it all the way off...
  14. Outlaw Ace

    Bonanza BC250 Scout

    I am never going to get to restore this and really do not care to hunt down the right engine so I'm selling it. Comes with two good Kidney bean wheels and an original Bonanza clutch cover correct for this bike and a nice small Bonanza Kenny seat. I also have a 5" Bonanza brake drum I'll throw...
  15. Outlaw Ace

    CL Bonanza BC250 Scout

    Scored a nice little BC250 Scout this evening. Another CL poster that is a man of his word, I called the dude last night and we were unable to get together earlier and although he had a guy local to him burning up his phone he held it for me. That's like the third guy who did that for me when he...
  16. trailbronc

    bonanza scout chopper

    my bro is trying to sell his bonanza chopper, motor has new head gasket, paint and sticker kit, the bike also has new grips, the jack shaft is MIA though:laugh:. he has been asking 500obo..just make an offer you never know!:laugh: PM me if interisted, runs and drives great!
  17. SANY01761


  18. R

    Arctic Cat Scout

    Ok. I gotta be the one to ask. Does anyone have an Arctic Cat Scout, or ever seen an Arctic Cat Scout in person? I have never seen one. Only a single picture. Do they even exist?
  19. jellis

    Unknown Arctic cat? Homeade?

    I got these parts from an old arctic cat dealer ship and do not know what they belong to. The seat with shocks look homeade. But the fender?? HELP!!!
  20. SimpleTom

    Bonanza BC200 Scout

    Anyone here have one of these. I believe I just picked one up and want some reference photos or opinions from other members who might have one. Thanks Comparison next to my BC 1000