1. S

    Bug trail scout or bug parts hodaka80

    I need help with this mini...... it said bug trail scout so far its got a 3 speed Hodaka 80....6" Hands magnisum wheels gas tank under the seat no jack shaft no rear shocks the seat lifts up and a serial number of 201 on the bottom of the mtr mount .....the frame is a single top tube all brazed...
  2. markus

    International Scout go kart!!!

    Don't see many of these, It an international scout SS II go kart:thumbsup: Just made a run down south to pick it up. Its in really great condition for being for being 32 years old. Not many of these were made for international, and not many are known to exist anymore. at pickup...
  3. bayareaburrito

    Bonanza Scout MB-250

    This one's for you Scooterboy!!:hammer: This is my modified Bonanza Scout MB-250 serial 100-6628 I changed a few things hope you all approve.:shrug: The first thing that had to go was the scrub brake.. I still have the brake assembly but choose to got with a Bendix 5" drum.. The other...
  4. james c

    bug trail scout

    here is my trail scout i picked up. the engine numbers start with a "y" , i cant find out anything about that engine, anyone know? also says e h iv in the other case?
  5. 71dodge

    bonanza SCOUT mini bike

    ok well most of you seen it when i first brought it home it needs help. the frame is in EXCELLENT shape and there are no re welds cracks bents nothing. now as far as the forks go the do need help i cut the bars off about an inch above were they meat the tripple tree so i could sleeve them i also...
  6. M

    Varsity Scout Project

    Here is the model for 7-10 mini bikes my Varsity Scout troop will be building this winter.
  7. huertagg

    I think I have a bent frame - Bonanza Scout

    I have this 1968/69 Bonanza Scout (chopper) but I think the frame is bent. I find it kinda hard to believe as the welds are not cracked. The only area in question is where the handle bars attach to the frame. Any good photos of a 1968 Bonanza Chopper I can compare against??
  8. Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

    Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

  9. Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

    Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

  10. Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

    Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

  11. Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

    Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

  12. Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

    Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

  13. Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

    Bonanza "Scout" CR-500

    Completely restored Bonanza "Scout" CR-500 w/correct E series Hodaka Ace 100
  14. Trail Scout

    Trail Scout

    Trail Scout frame before pic
  15. '90's Manco Trail Scout 6 hp

    '90's Manco Trail Scout 6 hp

    Good power,but footpegs too low and dig in ground when turning.
  16. 1972 Arctic Cat Scout Whisker Climber

    1972 Arctic Cat Scout Whisker Climber

    1972 Vintage brochure for Arctic Cat Mini Bikes - Scout Whisker & Climber