shift knobs.....Really????


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Just a reminder, when searching ebay you can delete certain key words to weed out unwanted items. miniature licences plates became a REAL nuisance a year or so ago on ebay when searching typical "mini bike" for parts, now some company is throwing the words "mini bike" in the header for shift knobs :doah: among other parts, think I saw some door handles they were selling too :laugh:

So to thin that shit out so you dont have to scroll through 10 pages of shifter knobs and vanity plates to find maybe one actual mini bike part do this in the search box type in "Mini bike -plate -knob" just put the - directly in front of what you DONT want to see, no space between and it will cancel thought out of your search. And if you were in the market for a shifter knob with some goofy grafix, door handles, and a vaniity plate for you mini bike, well you are in luck cause you'll find just what you need on ebay :thumbsup:
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Well ....actually I was searching Ebay for a chrome shift knob for my Powell ! :laugh: Thanks Markus...I hate those freaking license plates . :thumbsup: