1. 70sVintageTrikes

    1972 snowco tri-scat

    1972 TRI-SCAT SNOWCO Three-Wheeler VINTAGE!!!! | eBay 1972 SNOWCO TRI-SCAT 1972 TRI-SCAT SNOWCO Three-Wheeler VINTAGE!!!! Image not availableEnlarge Sell one like this Item Location: Union Grove, WI, United States Time left: 2d 08h (Oct 03, 201118:09:11 PDT) Bid...
  2. 70sVintageTrikes

    SnowCo Utility Trailer 1 7/8" Ball - $450 (Stroudsburg)

    SnowCo Utility Trailer 1 7/8" Ball SnowCo Utility Trailer 1 7/8" Ball - $450 (Stroudsburg) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2011-09-15, 1:07AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  3. gumpit

    A couple of my buddies trikes. Snowco Tri-Scat and JC Penney Tri-Cat

    These are a couple that get beat on regularly. He has a few more I will get pics of later. Randy
  4. R

    SNOWCO model SS-LB the "L" is questionable

    Can anyone help me with this? I traded this thing for a old curio cabinet just cause I was tierd of the cant find much on this thing.the guy i got it from has it all clusterd. said it needs a clutch,looks like some type of belt system but can i just switch it over to a gokart...
  5. 70sVintageTrikes

    Snowco Product pictures....

    Please post pictures of Snowco (Omaha, Ne.) trikes. It doesn't matter if its yours or a picture you have saved. Thanks for all pictures!
  6. delray


    pickup a SNOWCO three wheeler and been trying to look up more info about it and the only real hard info i found on it, that it was made in the early to mid 70's and that it was called a mini scat and it would of came with a 2 1/2 hp motor. still not sure if that was a tecumseh or briggs? kind of...
  7. J

    Snowco mod 15hp 410 cc

    Hello I bought this trike about 2 years ago (saw it in a feild had to ask) ((took me 5 months to get up nerve))) DON't procrastinate!! Thing is extra kool , 5hp pulled o.k. but Need more power !!!!!:hammer: Have a generac 15 hp electric start turned shaft down to fit commet (I have a...
  8. 70sVintageTrikes

    Snowco Nomad 7HP Model

    Well I got home a couple hours ago from the wonderful blizzard in MN. and IA.!! The 15 hr trip became 36hrs after we gave up around northwood Iowa. It took us 3 hrs on I-90 to go 65 miles! Most of the time on I-35 you could not see 5 ft in front of van. I was driving with driver window down...
  9. pic091409_1


  10. gumpit

    Heald and Snowco Ski's

    The tire stays on the HEALD for added support.
  11. M

    Snowco Farm Scat

    I recently purchased a Snowco Farm Scat. It is nearly complete but the head light that came with it does not look orginal. Also no decals. Can anyone provide a picture of the head light and any decals that may have been on a new machine?
  12. S

    New guy with a SNOWCO Farm-scat

    Hi! I'm from Minnesota. I bought this "3 wheeled thing" a couple of years ago, and have been trying to figure out what it was. The guy i bought it from thought it was an old cushman. Another guy thought it was an old "Heald Hauler" After rummaging through some a farm liturature at a flea...
  13. T

    Other than a torque converter For a Snowco Nomad?

    Has anybody used anything other than a torque Converter On a Trike project? I was thinking along the lines of a belt clutch and a pulley? Bear with me please i am a newbie here! Them torque converters are pricey! Thanks, Bruce
  14. swamperjmb

    Snowco Fast Scat

    OK, so I was gonna wait till spring but the bug bit me!!!! I got this toy off Jleon and decided to fix her up. First thing I did was to strip all the stuff this bike collected over the years. Here is pics the way I got it before the strip...............
  15. swamperjmb

    Snowco trike

    Hey guys, I got a snowco trike that I would like to put back to original. Can you post some pics of the backside where the motor is mounted. I am trying to figure out how the torque converter was hooked up and if there's anything different about mine thats not like yours...... There's not really...
  16. 70sVintageTrikes

    Snowco Farm-Scat Fs/Pk-1

    I found my first Snowco Farm-Scat in a iron pile headed for the scrap yard. :censure: Its almost restored. I just got to get the little stuff, like cables and so on to finish it up. Then put the motor on it. (It will have 8hp tecumseh) If any one knows any information on the Fs/Pk-1 please...
  17. gumpit

    Newest $25 Trike find . Snowco something?

    Just picked up another Trike. I think that makes 5 or so in the last couple of months. I think This is a Snowco Nomad. It has the same type of FRAME Bolt togethers as My Montgomery Ward T-555. Does anyone know if this is a T-555 with a Snowco front end or did SNOWCO make the bolt together frames...
  18. jeep4me

    Snowco Trike

    Snowco trike for sale. 5.5hp Briggs (less than 5 hrs), new cables, new twist grip, new chains, extra set of tires, extra jackshaft sprockets (24t, 18t, 12t). Located in Grand Rapids, MI. Local pickup only Asking $500
  19. shoe

    Snowco ThreeWheeler Ohio

    snowco three wheeler/trike
  20. jeep4me

    Snowco Trike

    I got this from a guy I work with. He had it for about 2 years but wasn't able to ride it because the primary on the TAV is broken. He listed it on CL but nobody wanted to come and look at it. I just happened on it and recognized the phone #. I gave him $100 and a 6hp Tec. Seems to be in...