1. W

    My son's Heald project

    We bought this pitiful Heald some time ago and my son instantly claimed it. Here it is today. He made new hubs with band brakes, a really heavy duty jackshaft, had a friend sew up an extra soft seat, and made a dash panel that can tell engine rpm, mph, and voltage. Then he...
  2. S

    Sons mini bike

    Hello I just bought a used mini bike for my son. The seller stated that it was a Rupp, but it does not appear to be one. Not too concerned about the purchase, I am just curious as to what it is. Anyone have an idea? Thanks
  3. 45t

    My son's Cat 400TS build

    My son negotiated for this in July for $75. It's a 1970 Cat 400TS. This is how we found it (missing a lot of parts).
  4. 45t

    400TS/X Cat parts needed for my son's build

    My son picked up a Cat 400TS that needs a few parts. 400X seat rails Shocks - don't have to be perfect chrome/paint, just need to work Cat Endura larger size handle bars (400X handle bars are too small) kickstand Measurements for the front of the seat frame bracket - this bike is missing its...
  5. M

    Please help me fix my son's MB165

    Ok so I'm brand new to the small motor world. Literally took apart my first one ever this morning. Idk if I have a motor issue or a carb issue. I have the throttle screw as low as it goes so my son can go slow. When I ride, I just push the governor lever under the gas tank so I can go fast. Well...
  6. cpu77

    My sons clutch on his MB80 w/stock motor has always been noisy.

    We have a MB80 with a noisy clutch kind of a scratchy sound. Our MB11 is quiet while idling. The MB80 has done it since new. I have taken it apart and cleaned & lubed it. Didn't make a difference. I was thinking of replacing the clutch. Would the modified clutch make a difference over...
  7. W

    My son's new toy

    I escaped from the basement this morning and finally made it down to our friend's shop to see the Hurco CNC lathe all set up. I bought this at auction two weeks ago and this was the first time I've seen it since it was loaded on the trailer. It is an 8 tool turret. There is a picture of a few...
  8. stephensimmons

    A Father and sons 4 wheeled project

    This is not mine but his I'm just posting the pics for him. Now please if you have nothing helpful of nice to say then don't post. The 79cc predator is not leaving the project no time soon. Now for some pics...
  9. M

    fox thunderbolt 198 mc

    Just picked up a fox thunderbolt off craigslist its in good shape. its for my sons birthday its sumthing he can ride the trails and threw the snow on. last year i got him a ruttman spyder so hes gonna be excited when he sees it. i stripped all the paint off and used some filler primer and...
  10. 1badbagger

    sons drag bike

    Building my son a mini drag bike This is the most fun I have had in years Any way on to the bike. It started as a x1 pocket bike I just got friday as a roller. Bike specs custom made arm for 18-8 slick Torque converter with 4200 stall Flathead with few mods and alky tiltson (23hp)...
  11. N

    Video of the Rupp I restored for my sons Bday!`

    Not sure If It's a Scrambler or Roadster, but It is fun!!!!!!!!!!.. Skip forward to 2:40 to see and hear it WOOOOO
  12. D

    My sons first minibike

    Does anyone know what brand name this bike is? The front sticker says it is out of PA. Little wonder?? Thanks in advance
  13. D

    My sons first mini bike

    Hello Everyone, I am Duke and I just bought my son his first minibike. I have taken a couple of photos and would like to share them with you for your insight and opinions. We have taken off the seat and the carb and fuel tank. The previous owner said that the fuel tube was clogged...
  14. Beetlejuice

    My sons dodlebug project

    Well, it been awhile since I talked to you all. Here is a look at what I did from my sons mini. I added a bigger engine... (6.5+HP) from a wimpy 98CC and made a custom engine plate to bolt it to the chassis. After installing the engine, I made a chain guard and painted it. Since I didn't like...
  15. My sons 70cc quad with 5.5 briggs and stratton with a tav2

    My sons 70cc quad with 5.5 briggs and stratton with a tav2

    My sons 70cc quad with 5.5 briggs and stratton with a tav2