1. Casey Davis

    Metallic Spray Paint

    What is a popular choice for premium metallic spray paints? Honda CT70 Mini Trail Paint Kits Vintage Restorations offer CT70 paint kits but I would like a larger selection of colors and a better option in price. Anyone care to share what they have been using?
  2. X

    spray paint ?

    Ok, so I am working on my Bonanza MX build and I am going yellow and black. I bought duplicolor engine enamel in yellow which I am currently applying to the front forks. I turned out beautiful except for the spot that I had the rope tied on from hanging it. So I had to touch it up and went...
  3. 125ccCrazy

    Some info before using your new spray gun from HF or Big Lotts

    Just a little tid bit if you recently bought or are planing on buying an inexpensive spray gun from HF, ebay, Big Lotts ect..... The cheap guns with the red, blue, purple ect coatings work great for the cost but one thing about them that will ruin a nice paint job is the coating inside the gun...
  4. jreed1337

    Powder coating vs. Spray paint?

    Hi guys, I am finishing up my DB and I don't know what to do about the paint. It seems like you all powdercoat your frames. Is that an expensive process? I am working on a very limited budget. Is spraypainting acceptable, or should I save and powdercoat? What are the advantages...
  5. K

    Spray painting question

    Before I get yelled at, I did do a search and found a couple good threads. I am going to re-spray paint my Golden Pinto and take a little more time this time. I already painted it with a coat of Home Depot primer and yellow Rustoleum. It looks pretty good except it chips easily. I...
  6. M

    Spray painting a car??

    I have a 1968 cougar and i dont have any money to get it painted. So i want to just buy some spray paint bottles and spray it. I am going to paint it flat black. Will spray paint stick good. I have already sanded the car. Would spray paint work good?? There is the picture of the car.
  7. Tom S.

    Spray Paint Question

    I'm considering paint options for my Lil Indian project and would like to know more about the current state of rattle can offerings. I've seen this mentioned in other threads, but have lost track. I believe someone mentioned a spray can w/built-in hardener (like the gizmo in a can of Guinness?)...
  8. M

    spray painting your frame??

    How do you guys prepair your frames and paint them??? Tips?