1. ColemanCT200u

    Where is the fuel mixture/ idle screw??

    I have a 6.5 HP 196cc Coleman ct200u, and I have no idea how to adjust the idle. I've been having a few problems on my bike, (backfiring, stalling with throttle, excessively long warm up time, backfiring on deceleration, running better with the choke on, sloppy idle) and I think most of them...
  2. ColemanCT200u

    Rough Idle and engine stalls out with throttle (sometimes) please help!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this thread and to minibikes in general, so I'll try to include as much info as I can. I have a Coleman CT200u 196cc 6.5 HP minibike, that is about a year old and maybe about 25 miles on it, so relatively mint condition. For the first few months when I rode it...
  3. I

    Predator Motor Stalling

    I have a Predator 212cc on my Motovox mini bike. I am running an OldMiniBikes header, air intake filter, emulsion tube and a 37 jet. The motor cranks up first try and I can ride around for 20 or 30 minutes then it starts to stall, spit and sputter, and eventually go dead. It will even go dead while...
  4. E

    6.5 installed with uni filter and straight pipe stalling

    So I finished by DB30 with 6.5hp power fist motor (honda clone), TAV2, Uni filter, straight pipe, and a jet kit from hot rod mini bikes (whatever one they offer). So it is all installed and running but after taking it for a rip i came back, took it in the garage and did a 1 minute break stand...
  5. F

    6.5hp Clone Stalling When Applying Throttle

    My mb165 ran great before I put it away. Pulled the carb and cleaned everything up and added fresh fuel. The carb was new last season. Now when I add throttle from idle it immediately stalls. Thoughts based on symptoms? It's an after market carb that you can adjust the pilot...
  6. nectarsis

    Engine stalling (and random hard starts) :|

    Took my Boonie out yesterday (well tried) after a fresh oil change, and the beast just wouldn't start. Looking thru things today, as a last resort I removed the kill switch from the handle bars..BINGO. It was one of those cheap red push button deals. Thinking up upgrading to one of those...
  7. F

    Random Stalling

    I have a newly built clone db and the thing keeps stalling.:censure: I dont want to have to disassemble the carb. I dont kow what it is. The weird thing is if i take of the gas cap for a little then it will run longer but it eventualy stalls. it does the same thing if i take off the air box...
  8. 4


    I have an old flathead (probably 20yrs old) 3 hp briggs and stratton engine and it runs fine for the first like 5-10 mins and then it will loose power and stall and it wont even fire over for a few hours. Any suggestions on what I can look at to see what is wrong.
  9. feet_

    Air in the Fuel Line, Stalling out: Briggs OHV 6.5

    MY bike was stalling out on the trail. Looked at the fuel line and noticed air gaps in the fuel line leading to the Carb. The engine would start cutting out , then eventually stall. I unscrewed the gas cap, and blew into it, pushing all the air out. Voila engine would start right up. for...