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  6. diggers

    Comet tav30 w/ 1" driver

    Brand new never used $150 obo
  7. xBrent92

    Advantages of 40Series of TAV30 ?

    Does the 40 series allow for high RPM's or just more Torque? i tested my kart with a 4:1 ratio , 26pound springs , It is REALLY light by-the-way and when it hits over 60mph the belt starts slipping and i can smell it even at speed and the whole TAV unit gets really hot. So i'm wondering...
  8. 125ccCrazy

    Comet Tav30

    Comet Tav30 new mounting plate (metal style) new cover new #41 pitch 10 tooth gear new shaft/bearings new driven clutch good used driver good used belt all Comet parts $100 plus shipping Pics to come
  9. minibikin'

    WTB/trade for a good used TAV30 driver

    If you have one to spare, let me know and how much please? I have trades as well. Thanks!
  10. capguncowboy

    Comet TAV30

    I've got a Comet TAV30 for sale. It was on a motor I just bought. I haven't tested it, but was told that it works fine. The belt is worn, so you'll need to pick one up, but I'll include it if needed. The second pulley mounts to a plate and axle that goes under the motor (see pictures). I can...
  11. J

    Comet TAV-30 Torq-A-Verter 3/4" 12T #35, part #215403A

    Looking for the older version Comet TAV-30, mainly because I need the older style backplate that doesn't need modification on a Predator. I'm assuming no one has just the backplate sitting around but message me if you do. Specifically looking for a Comet TAV-30 3/4" 12T #35 chain. I can only...
  12. 125ccCrazy

    Comet Tav30 new/used

    Comet Tav30 new/used w/pics new backing plate and new cover... clutches and belt are in good used condition.. #41 gear.... $100 plus ship will take new max torque tav driver on partial trade
  13. minibikin'

    Original Comet TAV30 setup

    Got this on a bike I'm parting. Thought someone may need it for a buildoff project? For starters, I know nothing about its history. Spins free, bushing isn't whooped, backing plate is steel and straight and the cover isn't cracked. This is for a 3/4" keyed engine shaft and the sprocket on the...
  14. S

    TAV30 on Honda in Lil Indian?

    Well, I finally decided this winter to finish building/restoring one of my Lil Indian small frame bikes. Further, I thought a Honda GX160 fitted with a TAV2-30 #35 chain converter would be the way to go for power. Question is this: The frame measures approx. 13" from the motor plate to the...
  15. Bug_Doctor

    play in TAV30 driven pulley

    Hi - new to the forum - recently obtained a pair of Trail Sport minis w/3.5 hp Tecumseh engines that had been stored for a number of years, and fixing one up for my son for Christmas - the torque converter has some play in the rear pulley, the bearings etc. all seem good but it is loose where it...
  16. H

    Comet Torq-A-Verter TAV30 Clutch Cover NEW

    Brand new Comet TAV30 Torq-A-Verter clutch cover. I had bought this a few years ago to replace the busted up one on my Super Bronc---of which I sold both. So, i don't need this anymore. Who needs it? $25 bucks plus shipping to you! -John
  17. B

    TAV30 series question

    HAS A SPRING TENSIONER!!! I have been looking everywhere for a stiffer replacement spring on the Driven pulley on my 30 series so i could keep a lower ratio but apparently theres already a tensioner there :facepalm: But im still wondering if it will be good to spin up to 6-7k ish? Just bought...
  18. manco12

    TAV30 Steel Backplate

    Hey, I might need a steel TAV30 backplate depending on if I can get the one I have to work or not. The one I have has been reinforced and it interferes with mounting it flush to the engine. So just wondering if anyone has one and how much you would want. Thanks
  19. toomanytoys

    H50 and TAV30 cover and backing plate

    For sale. I have a TAV30 Steel backing plate, and black plastic cover. Backing plate, no bearings, jack shaft, ect. Cover in ok shape, no cracks, a few small scuffs. 40 shipped. H50 motor, governor removed, has spark and compression, has adjustable carb that will need rebuilt., no...
  20. joekd

    Tav30 setup with clone

    Ok, I pulled the Tecumseh motor off my yerf dog and tried to put on the clone, the kart came with a comet 30 style TAV (no backing plate) The old motor had a 3" long shaft and used a 3/4" spacer on the inside so that the pulleys lined up, on the clone the shaft is only 2.5" long, if I dont...