1. B

    WTB 5:30 4:50 6 Carlisle Universal tread pattern in nice condition.

    WTB 5:30 4:50 6 Carlisle tire Universal tread pattern in really nice condition. Thank You in advance.

    3/4" keyed universal joint

    I bought this new on ebay search 12hp universal joint it cost $37.35 $14.34 shipping for a total of $51.69 I never used it I just slightly removed the sharp inside edges to make it less likely to bind then I greased it It's yours for $35.00 free shipping in the contental usa
  3. capguncowboy

    Universal Chrome Adjustable Shorty Shocks

    These were on a bike I picked up a while back. They measure about 12.5" center-to-center on the fully extended setting $30 plus shipping or I can deliver to Windber
  4. B

    14 x 6" Coker tire or other using the similiar universal tread in good condition.

    14 x 6" Coker tire or other using the similiar universal tread in good condition. Thank you in advance. Any help or input is greatly appreciated. Regards, Greg
  5. Biffmini

    Universal cafe seat pan option

    http://www.treatland.tv/v/vspfiles/photos/MLM-ROUND-back-cafe-seat-584-2.jpg There's also a square back style, nice price!
  6. 125ccCrazy

    FREE>>>>> Carlisle dbl Indian head 4.10-3.50-6 universal knobby

    Some not too bad dry cracking on the sidewall, good tread..I probably wouldn't use it on a show bike but would be good for a rider.. Just pay for the shipping..
  7. Biffmini

    Universal foot pegs

    I have some foot pegs that I'm not going use All sets $15.00 shipped. Pegs on left 1" / right spoon pegs 7/8" Pegs in the middle custom app.
  8. james ackerman

    Nos carlisle 6inch universal tread

    Looking for nos or vgc double indian head carlisle 6 inch universal tread tires.
  9. CarPlayLB

    NEW! 4.10/3.50-6 Carlisle double Indian universal tread

    For your consideration. Here is a brand new Carlisle double Indian head 4.10/3.50-6 universal tread tire. This tire is new with the nubs still present! It has never been mounted! There are NO cracks and it is in great condition! $45 plus shipping
  10. pomfish

    Cheap universal Kickstands

    Just picked up 2 of these and they work well after being cut down about 2" Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Adjustable Kickstand Side Kick for Bike 16" 20" 24" 26" | eBay Can't beat it for $5.99 Now keep in mind, they will not support the weight of the rider against the stand, but hold the bike up just...
  11. LSCustoms

    LSC- Custom Triple Trees, universal... any interest?

    I am recovering from hopefully the last surgery I will need in my fight against cancer... I have been fighting very hard and though times are rough, there is light at the end of the tunnel... In my "down" time, I have been working/programming and designing some parts and misc things, both mini...
  12. Not so mini bike

    4" Carlisle universal tires

    Did these come on any of the 4" wheeled mini bikes back in the day. I've looked at a ton of pic but couldn't really tell.
  13. 1stBxMopar

    Universal Brake Caliper Assembly

    Caliper, Adjustable 7/8" Lever, Cable and weld on mounting tab....$20. shipped This setup was being used on the sprocket of an Arco and worked well..
  14. Mark G

    Universal Comet Two Speed set Up, NEW OLD STOCK

    Universal Comet two speed set up, had for many many years. Comes with Jackshaft hangers (not pictured) NOS, but has very minor surface rust. $140 , Paypal only please.
  15. Biffmini

    Universal Sissy Bar

    Two available 27.00 shipped Not a repo of any model I know of... Universal for custom app.
  16. ibspector01

    Universal chain adjuster

    I got tired of always having to use some kind of pry bar and an extra set of hands when it was time to adjust the chains on our fleet of mini's. I cut up some 1/4" wall square tubing and used what I had in the shop to make a removable chain adjuster. I used 3/8" all thread and a 3/8" coupling...
  17. CarPlayLB

    Custom universal header kit

    Here is a "custom" universal header kit for all engines with 3/4" NPT fittings. (not to be confused with 1/2" NPT which actually measures 3/4" on the outside diameter) This "deluxe" kit includes 8 (YES! 8!) 90 degree pieces with enough little threaded pieces to join them in harmony, 1 piece 45...
  18. lostinbaja

    Universal Electronic Ignition on a Tecumseh?

    Has anybody tried the Universal Electronic Ignition (MEGA FIRE IGNITION) sold by Jacks Small Engine. For $21.00 it seems too good to be true. I'm curious how well it works.
  19. markus

    universal scrub brake setup...who made it???

    Anyone ever see one of these before :shrug: Its all clamp on.......
  20. nigel

    universal small engine generator

    any info you guys have on this thing will be great i need to get it running, thanks.